Internet Security

How secure is your password?

How secure is my password? [Infographic]

21st century chaos fills our lives with distractions, flashing lights, reminders, leaving many yearning to simplify aspects of our lives – but passwords should not

6 spam-stopping tips

6 top tips & tools for blocking spam

The average email account receives dozens of spam emails every day. Most of these messages go directly to a spam folder, however; some get through

Why You Should Update Your Software & Apps Right Now

Think of your computer’s software and apps as you would the tires on your car. You depend on them to always work properly, and should regularly check that they’re filled with air for the optimal driving experience. You want them to have all the necessa

Facebook Scams & How to Recognize Them

Facebook scams are unfortunately alive and well, with trending topics utilizing “Reward Offers” for the likes of free airline tickets and cheap Super Bowl tickets.