WOT: Web of Trust Updates

hashtags introduced on WOT

Introducing #hashtags

In our efforts to improve our service and further develop the recently introduced “Reasons behind the site reputation” functionality, we added a new feature to the comments. From today on, you may use #hashtags in your comments.

2013 in review, from MyWOT

WOT 2013 review and behind the scenes

As 2013 reaches its end and we get ready to turn the page and welcome 2014, WOT makes a review of what happened in 2013 in numbers:

During 2013, 6.9 millions new websites were rated. Out of these, 3.89 were rated as good sites and 3.01 millions as untrustworthy.

MyWOT site now HTTPS

WOT website is now HTTPS only

WOT wants to ensure the safety of our users and we are now making HTTPS mandatory when accessing the website. Using HTTPS was previously an option for logged in users, but now all attempts to load pages over HTTP will lead to a redirect to a secure site instead.

Celebrating 100 million downloads of Web of Trust

WOT is celebrating 100.000.000 downloads!

We are gladly announcing that WOT reached the milestone of 100 million downloads. Last fall we were reaching 50 million downloads, so we managed to double them within a year. The credit for this achievement goes to all of you who support and trust us. Without you all we wouldn’t be getting such a great number as 1.6M ratings per month or over million new sites rated to our database .

Upgraded categories for MyWOT

New category selector

One of the biggest changes in the new WOT is the “Categories” feature, which gives the user the opportunity to define more accurately his experience with a website. Based on our observation, on how users choose the categories, we decided to simplify the category selection. Since our goal is to make things easier for you, we came up with an update to our service.

MyWOT updates order of comments on scorecard

Recent changes on the order of the user comments

Comments play an important role when a user is trying to make an informed decision about whether to enter a site or not. To ensure users are able to find the most relevant comments when reading user reviews, we decided to improve the way comments are presented.

MyWOT expands to Chrome and Safari

The new WOT is now available for Chrome and Safari

For those of you who haven’t noticed it yet, the new WOT is available for Chrome and Safari users. The users who already have WOT installed in their Chrome or Safari browsers, will get their update automatically.

interview with WOT developers

WOT developer interview

October 18th in 2005, so almost 8 years ago, Sami and Timo got the initial idea of WOT. These two post-graduate students at Tampere University of Technology dreamed of a tool that would help people to find trustworthy sites from the myriad of unknown and potentially dangerous websites.