WOT: Web of Trust Updates


New eTLDs and country-specific Blogger domains mapped to .com

As some of you have noticed, if you enter a WOT scorecard for a country-specific Blogger subdomain , you are now shown the WOT reputation of the same subdomain at blogspot.com. For instance if you are trying to enter a scorecard for example.blogspot.fi, you are now shown the reputation of example.blogspot.com.

wot mywot browser security extension

The next chapter: A shiny new WOT is on the way!

It’s been a while since we’ve revealed any major changes to the WOT system, but there is a good reason for that! We have spent tons of time developing the next version of our service that will build WOT’s role as the most trusted community-powered website reputation service – a service that makes the Internet a safer place for all of us.

leaving quality WOT comments

Leaving quality comments

As you might have noticed, a while ago we made some changes to the comment field on the scorecard. We have added some tips on commenting and a minimum limit of 30 characters. This is part of a series of product improvements that we are planning to roll out gradually.

mywot has reached 70 million

WOT reached 70 million downloads!

Thanks to our active community, WOT today reached the significant milestone of

WOT reached 70 million downloads


Do you think we can reach 100 million by summer? You can help – Visit the recommendation page and let your friends know about WOT! 🙂

wot new front page

Preview: New front page

New WOT front page

We are working on a new front page. You will see the result later this week!

WOT receives 60M downloads

Something great just happened

Noticed anything interesting on our front page? Not…? Look again!

The counter just passed 60 million downloads!!!!

A year ago about this same time we reached 30 million downloads, so in twelve months WOT has doubled its downloads.

translate on wot comments

Introducing a translation feature

We are getting a massive amount of user-generated content in different languages. The versatility of languages is richness, but they are a bit tricky to understand if you don’t happen to speak the language in question. Therefore, we have added a new feature to help our users communicate with each other.

Note to site owners: Watch out for fake WOT emails!

We have heard reports of some site owners receiving emails promising a good reputation in exchange for money after posting a review request on the WOT forum. These emails are a scam, and have not been sent by WOT.

Happy Holidays and All the Best for 2013!

Do like the reputation icons do: Have fun, relax and enjoy your time during this Holiday season! We thank you all for the past year and look forward to continue working with you in the future!