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Current news about WOT, the world's leading community-based, free safe surfing tool.

Review of WOT's year 2010


As the year 2010 is coming to an end, it’s time to take a little break and look back. 2010 was an important year of growth and improvement for Web of Trust. What will we remember this year for?

Doubling downloads

We started 2010 with 8 million downloads. The milestone of 10 million downloads was celebrated at the end of March and the massive 16 million was reached in December, thus downloads were doubled during 2010!

2010 proved that WOT suits organizational needs also. In Austria, an excellent example of WOT for governmental use was shown as the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor started offering WOT for citizens to avoid Internet scam sites. In the US, Fargo Public Schools with its 10,200 students and 1,000 teachers adapted WOT for academia.

Expanding coverage

WOT’s goal has always been to be available to as many Internet users as possible. However, at the beginning of 2010, WOT was available only for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, as Opera and Safari didn’t allow browser extensions.

Safari started supporting extensions in version 5. After a challenging development process, WOT was launched for Safari in July 2010.

Opera announced its new extension feature, and WOT was among the first ones invited to participate. In December, the good news were released: WOT was lauched for Opera 11.

Search engines DuckDuckGo and Qrobe, specialized in safe searching, took the initiative and started using WOT API to protect their users and provide them an enhanced searching experience.

Boosting awareness

Before using WOT, one has to know about it first. Bloggers, journalists and individual users play a key role in building awareness required for new downloads. While a short mention in a mainstream media may have a huge impact in daily downloads, also each recommendation by individual users counts.

For example, the opinion leaders on the right have boosted awareness about WOT in 2010. Click the logos to read what they've said.

In addition to them, hundreds of other journalist, bloggers and specialists have spread the word about WOT to their followers.

Sincere thanks to you all who have facilitated and supported building awareness about WOT in 2010!

lifehacker NT Times wired PCpro kim komando

Looking forward to the future

The year ended with the President of Finland awarding WOT with the prestigious InnoFinland prize in recognition of our remarkable innovation. This, in addition to the number of downloads doubled from 2009 and the WOT add-on available for all major browsers in the world, form a good starting point for 2011! We are looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that the New Year may bring!

Happy New Year everyone!

A few days left to leave your nominations for WOT user awards 2010

The WOT team rewards yearly those WOT community members that have shown exceptional enthusiasm and commitment to help WOT fulfill its goal for a safer Internet. The award recipients for 2010 will be selected in early 2011 by the WOT Team.

There are still a few days left to leave your nominations. Read nomination instructions and award categories in Calling for nominations: WOT user awards 2010 and leave your nominations by Midnight New Year's Eve (December 31, 2010 12:00 PST.)

Happy Holidays from WOT


WOT Christmas card 2010

From all of us here at WOT, we wish you and yours the warmth of home, the love of family and all the deepest joys of the season.

Thank you, dear WOT community, for your support in 2010 and for working together to make the web a safer place for everyone.

Hyvää Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

WOT launched for Opera 11

Opera logo

We have good news for the more than 50 million Opera users: The world’s leading safe surfing tool Web of Trust (WOT) is now available for Opera 11!

WOT was among the first extensions invited to participate in the new extension feature that the leaders of Opera announced earlier this year. Since the announcement, the WOT tech team has worked hard to ensure a great user experience for WOT in Opera.

Download the result, WOT for Opera, here. You’ll find the WOT reputation icon in the right upper corner of your Opera address bar as demonstrated in the picture. Clicking it opens the rating window where you can leave your own rating and see the website reputation for four components: trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety.

Note: Previously WOT ratings have been available for Opera as User JavaScript. If you have the user script installed, you need to disable it to make the WOT extension work.


Benefits of WOT for Opera users

The WOT add-on tells you website reputations based on real human experience before you click or visit, keeping you safe from both technical threats and dangers that only the human eye can detect, such as bad shopping experiences, identity theft or inappropriate content for children.

WOT reputations are powered by a global community of millions of web users and trusted technical sources. So far, the community has rated more than 30 million websites. We welcome all Opera users to join the community to boost trust on the web!

Opera screenshot

The search engine qrobe.it protects users with WOT


Last month we posted a blog posting about why search engines should use WOT ratings to improve their users’ experience. We are happy to note that search engines are taking the initiative.

The search engine qrobe.it uses WOT API to provide its users an enhanced searching experience.

“Top results returned by search engines do not mean the links are safe. WOT provides our users an excellent visual representation of the safety of a link before they click on it,” states Qrobe management.

Qrobe was launched last January with the goal of providing users a clean and uncluttered user interface and the best results from the top search engines. With enhanced privacy, Qrobe does not profile user searches, set any uniquely identifiable cookies or allow ad network cookies. When hovering over a link in search results, a WOT reputation icon appears guiding Qrome users to find trusted sites on the web.

WOT awarded the national INNOFINLAND prize


The prestigious national INNOFINLAND 2010 prize was awarded to Web of Trust (WOT) for its innovative use of "the wisdom of the crowds" to warn Internet users when they are about to visit a website that may pose threats such as phishing, scams, identity theft or inappropriate content for children. The President of Finland, Tarja Halonen, presented the award to WOT CEO Vesa Perälä in observation of National Innovation Day on December 14th.

The theme for the 2010 INNOFINLAND prize is “Users – a Source for Innovation,” emphasizing user involvement from the very beginning of a new innovation. The free WOT browser add-on is used daily by a growing global community of 16 million users to identify sites that are untrustworthy, have poor business practices or inappropriate content for children.

“The WOT community detects scams and fraudsters faster and better than automated systems alone. Our community is what powers Web of Trust, and we share the INNOFINLAND prize with them,” said Mr. Perälä.

“Our goal is to have 50 million users by the end of 2011, working together to promote trust on the web,” said Deborah Salmi, Chief Marketing Officer. “Everyone from online business owners to school children doing homework benefits from using WOT’s safe surfing tool.”

Over two hundred participants took part in the annual INNOFINLAND competition. The prize is awarded to Finnish businesses, organizations or persons whose ideas, inventions or innovations have significantly promoted business activities, entrepreneurship in general and the introduction of innovations to the market.

INNOFINLAND 2010 winners

Announcing the new WOT help center


The goal of WOT is to be simple to use for any web user. However, we do get questions occasionally concerning the use of the WOT add-on, rating principles and reputations. “What to do if my site is misrated?”, “Does the system slow down my browsing?” and “How does the system rate subdomains?” are among the frequently asked questions.

Find answers to your questions in the WOT help center

To help you overcome your questions, we're releasing a new help center. Use the simple search function, check the top questions or browse through the different categories to find the information you’re looking for. Please feel free to test it at and leave your comments below!

Help needed for translations

To be able to offer help to all WOT users around the world in their own language, we are looking for volunteer community members to help us in translations. Is your native language one of those that WOT supports (Czech, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish)? If you would like to help us translating the frequently asked questions, contact us at translations@mywot.com.

Blog icon thanks to: Everaldo

Search Engine DuckDuckGo Offers Users WOT Protection Against Scam Websites

DuckDuckGo search engineSearch engine methods and secret algorithms were in the news after the New York Times wrote earlier this week about a shady online vendor who encouraged bad reviews to manipulate his site’s ranking within Google. Unsuspecting customers were ripped off and abused without any indication that they were dealing with a scammer. Consumers would have been well served to see WOT's crowd-sourced  reputation ratings so they would know which sites are trustworthy or not. Instead, they learned from cold, hard experience.

Search engine DuckDuckGo has taken the initiative and built in the WOT safe surfing option to protect their users from clicking on untrustworthy sites with a record of bad customer service. By turning on a simple setting on DuckDuckGo’s Result Settings page, searchers can see the crowd-sourced ratings collected by website reputation rating system Web of Trust (WOT.) The traffic light style WOT reputation ratings appear next to links, so users will be able to see immediately which sites are good, which are questionable and which to steer clear of.

Read more in DuckDuckGo's CEO and founder Gabriel Weinberg's blog.

DuckDuckGo search results with WOT ratings

WOT launches WOT Trust Seal Pro


WOT introduces the WOT Trust Seal Pro
— a new tool for website owners to communicate their trustworthiness while assuring the technical security of their site.

Daily Malware Scan detects hackers

WOT Trust Seal Pro includes a Daily Malware Scan that detects if a hacker has compromised your website. It alerts you about security issues which harm the reputation of your website and your business. Getting hacked can mean weeks of lost business and losing the trust of customers. Using the best technology available, the Daily Malware Scan keeps a close watch on the health of your website.
The service is provided by WOT’s trusted partner Stop the Hacker.

The WOT Trust Seal Pro complements the product line of WOT Trust Tools that help websites to turn the excellent reputation they earned into their asset. Take a look at the renewed WOT Trust Tool page to familiarize yourself with the whole set of features that help websites to use the excellent reputation they earned to increase sales, stand out from the competition and manage their reputation!