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Introducing WOT Reputation Badges


Websites that are not eligible for a WOT Trust Seal have a new option. If you have a blog, forum or if your new site does not yet have a WOT reputation, you can get a new WOT Reputation Badge. With the WOT Reputation Badge, you can show off your reputation, build a reputation or work to repair a damaged reputation - all on a shoestring budget.

The WOT Reputation Badge simply shows your site's current reputation so it can be seen by all your visitors - not just those who have the Web of Trust add-on installed. It links directly to the Reputation scorecard, and it does not disappear if your rating changes. Place WOT Reputation Badges on your homepage and near sign-up or registration forms to be most effective.

You can order badges for less than 30€ a year (that's about $36!)

Get WOT Reputation Badge from the WOT Trust Seal Try & Buy page.



  1. User picture
    • The Big Bin on Thu 01 Jul 2010
    • 08:12:02 PM UTC


    Cool to bring them back- even though no longer for free.

    Don't ask me why, but I'd rather put this on my site than the trust seal regardless of the price, even if they both were free.

    Per aspera ad astra

  2. User picture
    • wehaveitall on Fri 02 Jul 2010
    • 03:03:06 AM UTC

    I really like the sleek

    I really like the sleek silver look of the badge. Is it possible to get similar colors on the seal as well?

    Maybe you could even offer several different styles of badges, like the current one, the original one, a silver-looking one similar to the trust badge, etc.

    We rate the websites, the WOT staff creates, and advertises the add-on, and together, we make it all happen.

  3. User picture
    • c۞g on Tue 13 Jul 2010
    • 06:31:12 AM UTC

    Seal versus Badge


    Has no mention of the Trust Badge (dynamic)

    I think there should be a feature comparison, like you see with hosting companies offering various "web packages"


    * Trust seals and Rate us buttons to place on your website
    * A trust certificate with your current WOT ratings and comments
    * An easy-to-use feedback tool
    * Reputation alerts to inform you of changes in your ratings

    * Trust badge and Rate us buttons to place on your website

    This pricing appears more reasonable for the "smaller guy" homepage, blog, etc.
    The Trust Badge deserves "equal time"

    I noticed an error
    You can also ask your friends and customers to rate the site. In order to rate sites, comment and post on our forum you need the WOT add-on and you have to be registered as a user of WOT

    To rate sites the user must download and install the add-on.
    To comment on scorecards, create forum posts, etc. registration is required.
    WOT Services Ltd. - gives us safety through Web of Trust.
    WOT Community - gives us security through unity.
    Thank you all
    - G7W

  4. User picture
    • Killspam101 on Tue 10 Aug 2010
    • 02:12:09 PM UTC

    WOT Reputation Badge

    Good thing to have and award as long as WOT doesn't give them out to a site that has more then 3 bad reviews