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Would you like to know which sites selling Olympics tickets you can trust?


Sports – some of us love it, some of us hate it. Some of us love doing it, some of us love watching others do it. To those in the latter category, following the Olympic games live on the spot might be a dream come true, and that – of course – interests scammers.

Some time ago the UK police gave a warning of several websites offering fraudulent tickets to the Olympic and Paralympics, which the buyer will most likely never receive. Police advises victims of the fraud to contact the company they tried to buy the tickets from, and contact the payment provider immediately.

The sites were:


Our community had been one step ahead. The sites were marked with red ratings, and here are some examples of scorecard comments left for the sites in question:

“Site is advertising tickets for events such as festivals, they do NOT have these tickets!”

“deceived us until very last minute that tickets would arrive before match and then called 10 minutes before start to say - we have no tickets! Why did they need to eliminate any chance for us to buy on open market - just to use our money for 3 months and then spit in our face."

“Site offers tickets for London 2012 but is not authorised to do so. If they have acquired tickets then it is ethically abhorrent when UK individuals were so restricted in doing so. If they dont have tickets then they are just scammers. Either way this is a farce and sites like this are risky and should be avoided.”

This case shows the core of WOT:

Real experiences

Millions of users share their online experiences, so others don’t have to fall victim to the same scam.

Speed and agility

Millions of eyes see more and faster than one. In this case, the mass rating tool came in handy allowing experienced users to alert others quickly about unauthorized sites.


You would like to know which sites selling Olympics ticket you can trust, wouldn’t you?

Great job community! Special thanks to Shazza for this forum post. For valid tickets to the Olympics, visit london2012.com.



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    • evilfantasy on Fri 13 Jul 2012
    • 04:27:36 PM UTC

    RE: Would you like to know which sites selling Olympics tickets

    I had started one of my "Official" lists on this topic but it quickly grew into something way too complex. I like to be thorough and the amount of approved Olympic websites/services is actually pretty big. Determining which ones are approved and not approved isn't always easy. And when you consider that seemingly every country has an Olympic committee you can imagine how easy it is to be misguided.

    Be careful folks and good luck to all countries represented in the games.

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    • shazza on Sun 15 Jul 2012
    • 12:59:26 PM UTC

    RE: Would you like to know which sites selling Olympics tickets

    Obtaining tickets for events in the UK can be difficult. The Olympic 2012 ticket lottery was a joke & the scammers are aware of this. They know there is huge demand for these tickets & will exploit the situation.
    However, I would like to know why these sites are allowed to continue advertising these tickets. Euroteam.net was reported over 2 years ago, how many people have been conned since?

    IMO the event organisers & ticket sellers are not totally without blame here. The allocation of tickets to the public for most sports events is inadequate & one of the main reasons people seek to buy tickets from sites found through search engines.

  3. Useful info for 2016 Olympics

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    Useful info for 2016 Olympics

    thank you