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Preview: New front page

New WOT front page

We are working on a new front page. You will see the result later this week!

The aim of the change is to give new visitors a better idea about WOT: where the ratings come from, how do they protect when browsing the web, and why should people use WOT.

The most significant change to current users is that some of the elements will change their place. The menu, currently located at the top of the page, will be moved to the footer. There you’ll find links to the forum, Community page, and elsewhere. For now, this change will only be applied to the front page.

Once the new front page is revealed (will happen very soon), we hope to hear your feedback. You can see a little preview of what is coming up on the right.

Edit (13th of February):The new front page is now published, but we are A/B testing it. Therefore, for now, only half of the page visitors see it. If you happen to be among them, let us know what you think of the new front page!


  1. User picture
    • theglassetcher on Tue 12 Feb 2013
    • 03:30:32 AM UTC

    RE: Preview: New front page

    Excellent idea. When i was first introduced to WOT it took a bit of searching to figure out what it was all about. and even longer on how things work. Mahalo!

  2. User picture
    • Myxt on Fri 15 Feb 2013
    • 07:13:40 AM UTC

    RE: Preview: New front page

    "... protect ... from online threats that A-V can't spot." is a very important issue, but it's part of a rotating banner, so it may not be seen by the overly quick.

    Suggestion: Think of the rotating headlines / images at top-center on news pages.

    That section contains a row of semitransparent buttons, arrowheads, bullets, or even thumbnails, each of which swaps-in its corresponding headline / image on mouse-over and holds it until mouse-out. For each headline / image which swaps in during auto-rotation, its corresponding button goes from dim to opaque.

    At-a-glance, the overall effect is to quickly inform the visitor that:
    - there is more than one (on the WoT front page) paragraph,
    - it is a rotator, and
    - he (the visitor) can control (and hold it until he is finished reading).

    For example, I would position a vertical stack of left-pointing arrowheads to the right of the rotating paragraph.

    Everything "above the fold" is nicely laid out and the language selector is a good idea, but from there to the bottom gives the impression of the same withered link salad to be found and ignored at the bottom of so many sites.

    The stuff down there is quite important and needs a bolder visual statement.

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    • One on Fri 15 Feb 2013
    • 11:59:37 PM UTC

    RE: Preview: New front page

    I like how all the important links and items - the links Home, Download, Trust Tools, Business, Blog, Forum, Community and Support, the website reputation lookup form and the link to login / go to your profile are all located at the top of the page now.

    Although welcome for beginning users, I'm afraid this change will make the website slightly more time-consuming to navigate for more advanced users.

    Now we're at it, I've recently installed WOT at a new location and I noticed two odd things:

    1. Though I've got > 10.000 reputation information dialogs explaining the add-on popped up, even after logging in
    2. You can't use the Mass Rate tool unless you synchronize your profile - why?

    That's a little off-topic, though. Maybe I should start a new post about it in the Support forum.

  4. User picture
    • JulieA2012 on Mon 18 Feb 2013
    • 07:44:22 PM UTC

    RE: Preview: New front page

    I haaven't used the tabs on the bottom of the page much. I was missing having those tabs on the first page.

  5. User picture
    • Nilkanto on Fri 08 Mar 2013
    • 07:02:15 AM UTC

    RE: Preview: New front page

    New front page is good & friendly for WOT user.

  6. User picture
    • Armored on Sun 10 Mar 2013
    • 01:51:28 AM UTC

    Tabs on the TOP = quicker navigation.

    Having the tabs on the bottom means I need to "scroll down" to reach the Forum, community etc. I prefered the old way it was set up with KEY links on the "top" of the page-it was faster.

    This is not a big problem, but would prefer to see at least a few Primary links on the top of the page as well.

    At least:

    • Forum
    • Blog
    • Community

    Can be kept on the top.

    I like everything else about the changes though.

    A nice song.

  7. User picture
    • Dragon™ on Wed 20 Mar 2013
    • 03:46:19 AM UTC

    RE: Preview: New front page

    I'm missing the links on the top of the page as well. No offence intended, and I say this respectfully: but for me, the home page has become useless-I run away from it as soon as I can.

    At least we still have links on the TOP of the other pages, I don't know how long that will last though..
    To be fair, the graphics on the homepage are very nice-but usability has suffered with the removal of the top of the page links.

  8. User picture
    • Armored on Thu 04 Apr 2013
    • 10:40:58 AM UTC

    RE: Preview: New front page

    I'm glad to see the links on the top of the page have been put back where they should be.

    I hope it stays like that!....:)

    A nice song.