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    • Anonymous on Wed 06 Apr 2011
    • 10:31:33 PM UTC


    I recently came across to pcsafedoctor.com
    Since images speak better than words, please take a glance at the snaphots posted

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    1) pcsafedoctor claims to provide a "free antispyware scan"
    2) There is nothing free of course, you cannot fix any supposed thread or error found unless you pay
    3) They apparenrly provide only a 128 bit encryption
    4) No EULA is displayed during setup (37 Mb size)

    5) Ops
    MBAM Pro real time module detects a Trojan.Agent during setup,.I hit ignore

    6) A very fast scan starts: 33 "unknown" files detected (all legit XP SP3 system files and sandboxie and novirusthanks anti-rootkit free setup files)

    7) I run a scan with MBAM and with HitMan Pro

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Virustotal Report of the driver installed


    File name:
    Submission date:
    2011-04-06 21:42:10 (UTC)
    Current status:
    5/ 41 (12.2%)

    ClamAV 2011.04.06 Trojan.Rootkit-2922
    Comodo 8248 2011.04.06 UnclassifiedMalware
    McAfee 5.400.0.1158 2011.04.06 Generic PUP.z!dm
    McAfee-GW-Edition 2010.1C 2011.04.06 Generic PUP.z!dm
    NOD32 6020 2011.04.06 Win32/Adware.SpywareCease


    Domain name: pcsafedoctor.com

    Administrative Contact:
    Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
    Whois Agent ()
    Fax: +1.4259744730
    PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
    C/O pcsafedoctor.com
    Bellevue, WA 98007

    Name Servers:

    Creation date: 14 May 2010 03:32:26
    Expiration date: 14 May 2011 03:32:00

    Would some security experts do a thorough investigation?
    I'm not an expert even if I think I can recognize such kind of scam


    I shall comment it under "phishing or other scam" even if I think that "spyware or adware" might be another good choice

    any suggestions, advices, corrections etc etc etc are welcome



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    • luntik (not verified) on Wed 06 Apr 2011
    • 11:23:06 PM UTC

    Scam, Spyware and Adware!


    • Site's whois record is undisclosed, domain pcsafedoctor.com is registered only for one year, in this case looks suspicious.
    • No contact data (address, phone and so on), only E-Mail.
    • Installation file PCSafeDoctor_Setup.exe has no digital signature in addition has been detected by some antiviruses as spyware. //Edit: detected file RKHit.sys read the OP for clarification.

    So, to me that's enough to rate this site due to these "Ethical issues", and also as "Spyware or adware".

    Thank to leofelix antispyware™ :-)

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    • leofelix (not verified) on Wed 06 Apr 2011
    • 11:00:47 PM UTC

    RE: pcsafedoctor

    Installation file PCSafeDoctor_Setup.exe has no digital signature in addition has been detected by some antiviruses as spyware
    Indeed, if you have a look at the properties you will also notice "Language: Universal".
    It made me smile, I have to confess:-)


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    • Satchman on Thu 07 Apr 2011
    • 01:05:08 AM UTC

    RE: pcsafedoctor

    Obviously a scam and a fraud. Rated Red.

    Shockingly, virustotal reports this site is clean!???? WTF!?


    What can we do to alert them of this threatening site?


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    • c۞g on Tue 05 Mar 2013
    • 04:02:59 AM UTC

    RE: pcsafedoctor


    DL via: http://reversenow.imebook.hop.clickbank.net/?gid=&yid=&aid=&tid=&qs=PerfectUninstaller.php

    ∞ - and you and I Opto, ergo sum

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    • hotdoge3 on Wed 06 Mar 2013
    • 09:49:46 AM UTC

    RE: pcsafedoctor

    Malicious Software

    "pcsafedoctor.exe" with final rating Safe and 2 variants with final rating Threat . Final ratings are based on file reviews, discovered date, users occurence and antivirus scan results.