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    • G4JC on Sun 01 May 2011
    • 04:03:18 PM UTC

    Search rules for Swagbucks.com?

    I use WOT everywhere, and I love swagbucks search engine, but! MyWOT doesn't yet support swagbucks search, which is a real shame.

    Does anyone know of third-party search rules as there is for scroogle and others mentioned at the wiki?



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    • G4JC on Thu 05 May 2011
    • 01:56:52 PM UTC

    RE: Search rules for Swagbucks.com?

    bump for Cinco de Mayo? :P

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    • c۞g on Wed 11 May 2011
    • 04:06:40 PM UTC

    RE: Search rules for Swagbucks.com?

    You can try to create your own search rule as outlined here: Advanced configuration

    If you're successful, you can archive it on the wiki for future reference: User-contributed search rules

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    • G4JC on Thu 12 May 2011
    • 06:32:16 PM UTC

    RE: Search rules for Swagbucks.com?

    Thanks, but I'm pretty sure I know why no rule has been made yet now. The search results are infact never external, and redirect through infospace eventually.

    Example "user.js" search result (IP, hash and pvaid removed):

    User.js file - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

    If above code doesn't display, try the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/a4nCBdda

    I'm not sure MyWOT could even work with such results. I suppose I'll just e-mail swagbucks and ask them about inclusion of your API.

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    • c۞g on Sat 14 May 2011
    • 12:51:32 PM UTC

    RE: Search rules for Swagbucks.com?

    Infospace has a web search called www.dogpile.com

    which does not appear to be part of WOT's Settings - default search.
    might be worth requesting?
    dogpile has been around for a long time...

    ∞ Opto, ergo sum _https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_You_and_I