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  1. User picture
    • Cheater87 on Tue 05 Aug 2008
    • 11:04:26 PM UTC

    Can WOT be made for Opera???

    I would love to see a WOT version for Opera that means all major web browsers can be safe. :)


  1. User picture
    • MysteryFCM on Tue 05 Aug 2008
    • 11:17:29 PM UTC

    ditto :)

    ditto :)

  2. User picture
    • Reprotected on Tue 05 Aug 2008
    • 11:23:28 PM UTC

    Well... Not really, I guess...

    Opera does not support addons or ActiveX, but I'm not completely sure, I'll just say no for now...

  3. User picture
    • MysteryFCM on Wed 06 Aug 2008
    • 12:16:43 AM UTC

    Opera certainly does support

    Opera certainly does support addons (they're just called Widgets instead of addons ;o) ), and indirectly supports AX (indirectly being, aslong as it's in the pages source code - Microsoft's download site works just fine in Opera ;o) ).

    Even had it not supported AX and addons, WOT could still be used if the WOT dev's switched to using Ajax or such, injected into the page's source code, to display the dialog (I'll have to check how they're doing it now).

  4. User picture
    • MysteryFCM on Wed 06 Aug 2008
    • 12:18:28 AM UTC

    As an addendum, I previously

    As an addendum, I previously asked Sami about adding support for Opera, and the following was her reply;

    We are aware of Opera's widgets, but they are very limited compared to real add-ons in other browsers.

    For example, while the latest widget specification finally allows preferences to be stored locally, widgets still cannot be integrated to the browser's user interface, nor can they access the DOM for websites you are browsing. In fact, I'm not even sure if a widget can tell which website you are visiting.

    Therefore, using the widget API for creating a full add-on for Opera isn't really feasible at the moment.

  5. User picture
    • Cheater87 on Wed 06 Aug 2008
    • 01:27:59 AM UTC

    What about down loadable

    What about down loadable like for IE???

  6. User picture
    • Sami on Wed 06 Aug 2008
    • 10:06:44 AM UTC

    Re: What about down loadable

    Opera doesn't support extensions and I don't think the widget API is powerful enough to create an add-on.

  7. User picture
    • Antkin on Mon 11 Aug 2008
    • 08:02:52 PM UTC

    Re Opera Norway

    Have you contacted Opera software directly? I found them very helpful in creating information for my two web sites Internet Security 4 com and Internet Security 4 Free co uk they also put me onto a Danish internet security company which I have found very useful.

  8. User picture
    • YoKenny on Sun 21 Dec 2008
    • 03:53:48 PM UTC

    Anybody using Opera 10 know

    Anybody using Opera 10 know how to write a Widget for WoT?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    We have had Old Man Winter visit here and he left us a White Christmas present.

  9. User picture
    • Anonymous on Sun 21 Dec 2008
    • 03:59:36 PM UTC

    OPera 10

    I cannot answer your question YoKenny but I would like to return the merry christmas and a happy new year to you.And all who visit the forum.From mr and mrs Codhead,.Its raining were I live by the way.Never see much snow wich is a pitty for the kids.

  10. User picture
    • BobJam (not verified) on Mon 22 Dec 2008
    • 10:46:21 AM UTC

    Not sure if this is a "groundswell", but . . .

    While there may not be enough Opera users out there to justify the time and effort for the WOT staff to write a usable widget for Opera, my sense is that it could be done, and I'll echo YoKenny's request: Anybody know?

    • User picture
      • phantazm on Mon 22 Dec 2008
      • 11:17:02 AM UTC

      Small browser in a big market

      As far as I recall Opera only has 1% of the market.
      Then again, 1% of a global market is still a lot...

      PS: I'd probably be using Opera, if FF didn't exist...

      • User picture
        • BobJam (not verified) on Mon 22 Dec 2008
        • 02:05:01 PM UTC


        Yes, I'd be using Opera too IF I could have the same add ons that I've become accustomed to using in FF. Seems like Opera could capture a lot of FF users (and hence a greater market share) if they made it so that FF add ons could be imported.

        In fact, I read somewere that a lot of FF features and add ons are based on Opera's functionality.

      • User picture
        • YoKenny on Tue 23 Dec 2008
        • 04:21:01 PM UTC

        FF does not exist for

        FF does not exist for me.
        Opera 10 works wonders on my old PIII and is much faster than FF.

        • User picture
          • YoKenny on Thu 15 Jan 2009
          • 02:46:10 PM UTC

          Why I want WoT in Opera 10

          I can view the New Items directly which I can not do in IE8

          -18C and brisk NW wind making it feel like -35C

        • User picture
          • Warrior777 on Fri 28 May 2010
          • 06:59:07 PM UTC

          FF VS Opera

          I don't like FF. I used Safari for awhile but it now has security issues. FF slows my computer down and I can't customize my cookies. Opera is the fastest, safest browser I've used. I like that I can control my cookies the same way as in IE. My ONLY complaint is that there is no WOT plug-in. I had to put WOT in Speed-Dial. It's annoying to not have that beautiful circle in the corner, but I can adapt....for now...or until a plug-in is available.

          Lover, Lerner, Leader

  11. User picture
    • Toptiger5 on Sun 18 Jan 2009
    • 02:10:35 PM UTC

    I know.

    It would be cool to have that. Also, in Google Chrome and Safari.

    That way, the "Big 5" browsers can have WOT.

  12. User picture
    • aff on Mon 18 May 2009
    • 07:32:26 PM UTC

    deam ,i am using opera

    have someone seen e tumbeluppon toolbar for?why cant WOT make like that for opera

  13. User picture
    • hotdoge3 on Tue 19 May 2009
    • 02:51:47 AM UTC

    Opera & WOT

    Opera and WOT well so far Opera and McAfee with Yahoo, so may be Opera WOT Google ,ask or yahoo !! (PS) I have Firefox 3.4 better 4 & Firefox Portable & Opera 10 Portable

  14. User picture
    • Angelos on Sun 14 Jun 2009
    • 05:32:54 PM UTC

    hi.well i don't speak very

    hi.well i don't speak very good english!!can i use wot in opera?

  15. User picture
    • iSafe on Tue 11 Aug 2009
    • 08:43:02 PM UTC

    Make it for Opera!

    WoT can be used in Internet Explorer (@cheater87), and I like the Opera bookmarklet that g7w commented, but I hope Against Institution finds a way how to implement it into Opera.

  16. User picture
    • simola on Wed 18 Nov 2009
    • 12:01:37 AM UTC

    This rocks


    • User picture
      • c۞g on Wed 18 Nov 2009
      • 12:21:24 AM UTC

      WOT Wiki

      This should be included in the Wiki for opera. Maybe in the Customizing the add-on section with a new page devoted to Opera - Customized UserJS

      Also, this post mentions changing from French to English...
      If the language specifier is removed from the URL then the proper [language] scorecard will display.
      Example: http://www.mywot.com/scorecard/mywot.com
      WOT Services Ltd. - gives us safety through Web of Trust.
      WOT Community - gives us security through unity.
      Thank you all
      - G7W

  17. User picture
    • phantazm on Wed 18 Nov 2009
    • 01:09:37 AM UTC

    Good news!

    I've always liked Opera (even though I use FireFox)...

  18. User picture
    • tomgagaga on Wed 18 Nov 2009
    • 12:35:41 PM UTC

    did you hear

    Did you hear? Opera now has its on API version of WOT!

    Kudos to that guy!

    "Devoted supporter of LiVeRpUdLiAn932"

  19. User picture
    • divyanshu on Mon 18 Jan 2010
    • 11:13:59 AM UTC

    I Want It Too!

    Somebody said more hands matter, so I'm putting in my vote as well.

  20. User picture
    • genesishep on Sat 18 Dec 2010
    • 03:27:57 PM UTC

    RE: Can WOT be made for Opera???

    With the new release of Opera 11 which has support for Extensions does it seem feasible that we might see a WOT for Opera soon? I've been a long time fan of Opera but ultimately head back to others because of lack of add-on support. This appears to have changed finally.

    **Lol, ask and you shall receive. Actually, I somehow missed that WOT for Opera was just released yesterday! Thanks everyone!