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    • Pontifex.Roma on Thu 28 Jul 2011
    • 03:52:34 AM UTC


    Site URL: http://pontifex.roma.it
    Scorecard: View scorecard

    The website site http://www.pontifex.roma.it is anti pedophilia.
    It 'a Italian Catholic site anti pedophilia.

    Daily on-line Catholic Apologetics and dissemination of right and Orthodox Catholic Doctrine - "If an angel from heaven were to preach a gospel other than that I announced to you, let him be anathema!"

    Has a way for users to contact site owners?
    Owner said Yes

    Whois Information:

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    • Jazspeak on Thu 04 Aug 2011
    • 12:55:55 PM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    @ Pontifex.Roma

    Since you have moderated your tone in this thread I shall try to explain my understanding of the issues.

    Your site could have a poor child safety rating for a number of reasons, none of which need lead to the assumption that WOT members are paedophiles. Since WOT users are from all around the world, you must take on board the very high probability that those WOT users are rating sites from their own socio-cultural perspectives whereas you are, quite naturally, seeing your site from your own socio-cultural perspective of Catholicism. Not everyone in the world shares your perspective.

    So let's look at how you might rate Moslem sites from your Catholic perspective. You might think that Catholicism is the only valid religious viewpoint, in which case you might deem Moslem sites to be unsuitable for Catholic children, and so you might rate Moslem sites as poor in the child safety category. Similarly, Moslems might think that Islam is the only valid religious viewpoint, in which case they might deem Catholic sites to be unsuitable for children. Do you now see how your own site's poor child safety rating might be lower than you might expect?

    Of course, there are other issues of competing Catholic viewpoints, and it would seem from some of the entries in this thread that you have not been able to persuade other Catholics that your site as trustworthy as you would like it to seem to be. Since I am not a Catholic I shan't comment on any competing Catholic viewpoints but it does seem to me that if you are having trouble convincing those who share your general Catholic viewpoint then you need to address that for yourself.

    I think that you really have to take a wider perspective when it comes to rating sites, and accept that religious sites will always be at the mercy of competing religious perspectives. That goes for sites expounding any and every religious viewpoint, and not just yours. As a neutral, I tend not to rate sites on the religious beliefs of site owners but I also tend to stay away from rating sites that are overtly expressing religious doctrines and viewpoints, which is why I have not rated your site and will not do so.

    I hope that this posting goes some way towards explaining your predicament, although I accept that it cannot provide a solution. As long as you are using a site to promote any religious or political perspectives you will just have to accept that many people around the world might profoundly disagree with you, and that such disagreements have nothing to do with paedophilia.

    ~Music is not just for the Masses~

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    • leofelix on Thu 04 Aug 2011
    • 02:58:15 PM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    It seems that pontifex.roma.it is run by two persons.

    I have just read some very interesting articles about one of the owners (sorry those articles are available only in italian)



    It seems that Mr. Carlo di Pietro owns the following sites in addition to pontifex.roma.it




    Have a look at the description
    Ci proponiamo ai fedeli con una illuminata catechesi a riguardo, con una serie di incontri spirituali e con l'esercizio del Ministero della Preghiera di Guarigione psico-fisica e di Liberazione... l'omosessualità come il peggiore dei vizi

    In english (google translation)

    We offer an enlightened catechesis for the faithful in this regard, a series of meetings with the exercise of the spiritual and the Ministry of Prayer of Healing and Deliverance psycho-physical ... homosexuality as the worst of vices



    They manage travels to Thailand for people in need of...

    Penile Enhancement surgery

    and other types of plastic surgery

    No privacy policy, no Terms of Service available, it seems that orders and requests for badges can be sent through e-mail address or through a non secure form


    "who is"

    no contraddictions at all, right, Pontifex.Roma?

    by the way @ Pontifex.Roma, please tell your readers that fake accounts won't help.

    Thank you

    [edit] fixed typo

    Festina lente

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    • roccopagliatto on Thu 04 Aug 2011
    • 06:16:23 PM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    Buona sera ragazzi,
    ho letto tutta la discussione e premetto che ho conosciuto wot tramite il messaggio di pontifex.roma; A me dispiace molto che un sistema che dovrebbe essere di aiuto alle famiglie, sia stato strumentalizzato.
    Pontifex.roma e' un sito cattolico come tanti altri, e' solamente molto più' noto.
    Io ho 42 anni, ho 3 siti cattoli, condivido tutte le posizioni espresse da pontifex.roma e, sapete la sorpresa?
    I miei siti sono indicati da wot come ottimi, hanno tutti il bollino verde.
    Vi diro' di più', uno dei miei 3 siti e' di destra cattolica e molto più' estremo di pontifex.roma.
    Casualmente anche questo mio sito e' tutto verde, considerato eccellente.
    Il sistema wot, in base a quello che ho letto su internet, e' stato utilizzato da numerose associazioni gay e gruppi di bestemmiatori, con finalita' denigratorie e di censura.
    Questo e' il mio punto di vista.
    Fra le altre cose, mi permetto di inviare una email a wot, in cui allego tutte le pagine web che hanno fatto e stanno facendo campagna di censura a pontifex.roma usando in malo modo wot.
    L'amministrazione di wot, per tutelare la sua immagine, dovrebbe prendere provvedimenti seri.
    E' molto triste che si cerchi di discriminare un sito assolutamente sicuro, privo di virus, sicurissimo per i bambini e ricco di contenuti, come pontifex.roma.
    La verita', ne sono certo, verra' a galla.
    Io quoto pontifex.roma come un sito con voto 8+.
    Cordiali saluti e spero che il mio intervento venga apprezzato.

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    • kitarrino on Fri 05 Aug 2011
    • 04:19:20 PM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    Ciao a tutti il mio nome è Emanuele e conosco da anni il sito Pontifex in quanto ne sono lettore. Non credo che il sito in questione vada a ledere la sicurezza dei computer per quanto riguarda la presenza di virus (non ne ho mai preso uno), nè la sicurezza dei bambini per i suoi contenuti che, anzi, molto spesso sono contrari a cattivi costumi e abitudini essendo di stampo cattolico-conservatore.

    Credo che in democrazia ognuno sia libero di esprimere le proprie opinioni e altrettanto in democrazia i lettori possono decidere di leggere o meno determinati contenuti. Non credo sia corretto, invece, fare una campagna denigratoria nei confronti del sito in questione utilizzando in malo modo l'utile strumento WOT per far valere maggiormente le proprie ragioni.

    A mio avviso i punteggi andrebbero resettati e sospesi, perchè sono ovviamente frutto di un attacco voluto e mirato di gruppi di persone che hanno espresso le prorie opinioni negative rispetto a Pontifex già su altri canali e quindi creano una vera e propria distorsione di questo strumento che, a questo punto, perde fortemente di attendibilità.


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    • Pontifex.Roma on Fri 05 Aug 2011
    • 05:11:36 PM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    Originally posted by: kitarrino

    A mio avviso i punteggi andrebbero resettati e sospesi, perchè sono ovviamente frutto di un attacco voluto e mirato di gruppi di persone che hanno espresso le prorie opinioni negative rispetto a Pontifex già su altri canali e quindi creano una vera e propria distorsione di questo strumento che, a questo punto, perde fortemente di attendibilità.


    "I think the scores should be reset and suspended, because they are obviously the result of an attack and wanted to targeted groups of people who have expressed negative opinions than prorie Pontifex already on other channels and then creates a real distortion of this tool at this point, strongly loses credibility."

    Thanks dear Emmanuel,

    what you say is the same thing that we ask to Mr. Sami for the situation of Pontiex Rome.

    In more evidence of our certainty we have a concrete example:
    An user has published information about other web site property of journalist and writer Mr. Carlo Di Pietro, founder of Pontifex Roma.

    Until yesterday, those sites had excellent grades, while today the personal attack against Mr. Carlo Di Pietro, sees many negative votes also on his other sites.

    It 'obvious that there is something wrong with the system and that some users use the WOT system incorrectly.
    We hope that Mr. Sami take measures to protect the credibility of his web application.


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    • Scientific Frontline (not verified) on Fri 05 Aug 2011
    • 05:29:07 PM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    Well looks like I missed a lot while I was gone.

    Yet read enough to rate this site very unfavorably. (wishing there was even a darker shade of red)

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    • NotBuyingIt on Fri 05 Aug 2011
    • 08:38:54 PM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    Originally posted by: leofelix
    As far as the official description of that site, its WOT scorecard attempts a translation which gets to the bottom of the issue:
    The Community of the Order of St. Michael the Archangel (MSMA) is a group of Catholics who are committed to the spreading of Christian worship ...
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    • Jazspeak on Fri 05 Aug 2011
    • 09:03:11 PM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    @ Pontifex Roma

    Originally posted by: Pontifex.Roma
    It 'obvious that there is something wrong with the system and that some users use the WOT system incorrectly.
    We hope that Mr. Sami take measures to protect the credibility of his web application.

    Either you have not been reading this thread or you are blindly refusing to understand that a lot of people simply do not trust your site. In the instance of your site there is no evidence that there is anything wrong with the WOT system, and your responses amply demonstrate that the problem is with you, your site, and the views and opinions being expressed on that site.

    Getting your supporters to spam this forum, and you constantly bleating that everyone should think like you is not going to give anyone the idea that your site is any more trustworthy. Despite the fact that I have so far remained neutral by not rating your site, I have to tell you that if you carry on in the way that you have been behaving here then I am very likely to rate your site very unfavourably. I tried to explain to you that your views and opinions are probably in a minority, even amongst your fellow Catholics, but you just don't seem to want to take notice of any voice of reason. Whilst you are free to hold your views and opinions you will just have to accept that those views and opinions are in a minority.

    Far from the credibility of WOT needing protection, it is your credibility, and that of your site, and supporters, that are being further damaged by your behaviour on this forum. I strongly suggest that you and your supporters should now stop posting here and let this thread fade into the distant background. While you are waiting for this thread to fade out, I would also suggest that you and your supporters go and lie down in a darkened room until you have gained a proper sense of perspective, preferably a perspective that includes the fact that most people in the world, including many of those of your religion, just do not trust your site or agree with your present perspective.

    ~Music is not just for the Masses~

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    • Pontilex on Sat 06 Aug 2011
    • 07:32:21 AM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    Originally posted by: leofelix
    It seems that pontifex.roma.it is run by two persons.

    The team is actually made out of three individuals: Bruno Volpe (owner of the domain, director of the blog), Carlo Di Pietro (Webmaster and writer, amongst many other things), Don Marcello Stanzione.

    Mr Bruno Volpe is unavailable (I've personally wrote him without a reply) since late July. There are rumours that he may even be in jail. And noone from Pontifex confirmed or denied that their director is in jail.

    Don Stanzione is officially in Sardinia.

    Carlo is away since mid July (it looks like he is in Thailand, according to other posts he left in other facebook groups).
    Right now the site is run by another guy (according to what they stated in their official page on facebook).

    Sorry, the articles are available only in italian. Use your favourite translator to have an idea of their content.

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    • Hiram Abif on Sat 06 Aug 2011
    • 09:01:59 AM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    i think the Pontifex guys should care more about some other topics than the WOT rating. They should care about the homofobic and racist contents of their website and about the investigation currently going on. Italian justice and courts are very slow, but they work though. It's just a matter of time...

    Penso che i signori di Pontifex dovrebbero preoccuparsi di ben altro che il problema di WOT. Si dovrebbero preoccupare dei contenuti omofobi e razzisti che diffondono col loro sito, che e' sotto la lente della Polizia Postale. La legge ed i tribunali italiani sono molto lenti, ma lavorano. E' solo una questione di tempo...

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    • zanetti4 on Mon 08 Aug 2011
    • 06:58:53 PM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    Buongiorno a tutti,
    scusate ma davvero faccio fatica, leggendo buona parte dei commenti, a condividere le opinioni x quanto riguarda la pericolosità del sito Pontifex. Lo visito regolarmente e da diverso tempo, non ricordo di aver mai preso un virus e/o spywares o roba del genere, non capisco.....cos'è? Una sorta di accanimento terapeutico?!? Muah!! Eppure pensavo che "WOT" fosse uno strumento utile x l'attendibilità dei siti, lo speravo!..Evidentemente mi sbagliavo:(

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    • thorfinio on Mon 20 Feb 2012
    • 01:42:36 PM UTC

    RE: pontifex.roma.it

    Hello folks,
    it's been a long while now that pontifex.roma is spreading word about your service, stating that this is a criminal and fake service
    being run by delinquential lobbies having as the only objective to destroy religious beliefs and catholics in general.

    You should know and be aware of what they say about you publicly, since i feel like those statements are greatly offensive and damaging your public and business image.

    you can read a pontilex article which recollects some of those statements with links to anyone of them (unfortunately only in italian):


    best regards!

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    • leofelix (Moderator) on Mon 20 Feb 2012
    • 03:08:35 PM UTC

    @ thorfinio

    Hi thorfinio & other people
    welcome to the web of trust forum
    please let this thread die and let them say whatever they want as they cannot hurt myWoT in any way.
    Bumping old threads like this one is worthless, in other words.
    Thank you

    Ciao thorfinio
    sarei grato a tutti quanti se questa storia finisse. Non serve tirar su vecchi thread come questi, intendo dire.
    Lasciateli parlare dal momento che non possono in alcun modo danneggiare myWoT.
    La Costituzione Italiana così come quella Finlandese prevede la libertà di pensiero, espressione e di opinione.
    Quindi lasciate perdere, valutate e commentate come ritenete opportuno lo scorecard di quel sito ma basta tirar su questo thread. Fatemi questa cortesia.

    Festina lente

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    • Jazspeak on Mon 20 Feb 2012
    • 05:09:27 PM UTC

    RE: @ thorfinio

    Originally posted by: leofelix
    "please let this thread die"

    Echo that. This thread has had more resurrections than a messiah.

    ~Music is not just for the Masses~