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  1. User picture
    • shazza on Fri 19 Aug 2011
    • 02:48:47 PM UTC


    As this site currently has a wot trust badge this needs urgent action please.
    I first came across this site yesterday when I opened Firefox. It appeared on a
    new tab next to my homepage.

    Further investigation shows it is blocked by malwarebytes pro

    IP / sanityswitch.com (same owner) is blacklisted by hphosts

    When I submit to v/t I discover there is an adware called W32/Yontoo
    See also emsisoft

    spybot have removal instructions for Yontoo.Pagerage spybot forum


    dropdowndeals.com see v/t



  1. User picture
    • mentalist3d on Fri 19 Aug 2011
    • 05:00:19 PM UTC

    RE: yontoo.com

    I double checked the sites (more for my own sake) and results were the same, thanks for the info.

    all rated

    dropdowndeals.com & yontoo.com are still in the green and need more ratings.

  2. User picture
    • SuperHero58 (not verified) on Fri 19 Aug 2011
    • 05:32:59 PM UTC

    RE: yontoo.com

    Good catch , Shazza !

  3. User picture
    • leofelix (not verified) on Fri 19 Aug 2011
    • 05:55:50 PM UTC

    RE: yontoo.com

    Thank you shazza

    I downloaded SanitySwitchSetup.exe and uploaded to VT

    File name: SanitySwitchSetup.exe
    Submission date: 2011-08-19 17:33:23 (UTC)
    Current status: finished
    Result: 9/ 44 (20.5%)

    Commtouch 2011.08.19 W32/Yontoo.A
    F-Prot 2011.08.19 W32/Yontoo.A
    K7AntiVirus 9.109.5030 2011.08.18 Adware
    McAfee 5.400.0.1158 2011.08.19 Artemis!86CB5026BF8C
    McAfee-GW-Edition 2010.1D 2011.08.19 Artemis!86CB5026BF8C
    Norman 6.07.10 2011.08.19 W32/Agent.VBAZ.dropper
    Panda 2011.08.19 Suspicious file
    VBA32 2011.08.19 Adware.Yontoo.a
    VIPRE 10210 2011.08.19 Yontoo (v)

    Going to rate

  4. User picture
    • Yontoo on Fri 19 Aug 2011
    • 09:27:26 PM UTC

    RE: yontoo.com

    Hello and thank you for your feedback. Yontoo cannot install itself, more cases than none, the software is installed through bundled offers that users sign up for. Our software is neither a virus, nor malware or spyware. We are in contact with malwarebytes pro to get the software taken off their list as they are unknowingly giving our software a bad name. Our software can be easily uninstalled by following these instructions:

    Go to your start menu
    Click on Control Panel
    Click Remove Programs
    Remove Yontoo Layers and the PageRage toolbar
    Restart computer

    If you would like to reach out to us for further assistance, you can do so at this email address: press@yontoo.com, thank you.

  5. User picture
    • leofelix (not verified) on Sat 20 Aug 2011
    • 12:57:23 AM UTC

    RE: yontoo.com

    @ Yontoo
    Uninstalling the toolbar might appear easy but not all users are advanced users. There are thousands of BEGINNERS that can fall into installing a questionable toolbar and the most of them do not even know what risks may come with any adware ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adware )

    I installed one of your toolbars, I was alerted severaI times by WinPatrol, my Browser was hijacked

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Get your software delisted from the above mentioned antimalware vendors or stop distributing adware and I'll remove my rating and comment.

    Thank you

    Post scriptum, I would add to the above list


  6. User picture
    • evilfantasy on Thu 23 Feb 2012
    • 06:19:10 AM UTC

    RE: yontoo.com

    The below software includes yontoo.com software which is adware. See here: http://www.mywot.com/scorecard/yontoo.com


    More here: http://www.mywot.com/forum/20336-youtube-full-m...

  7. User picture
    • Amobirius on Tue 21 Aug 2012
    • 03:13:47 PM UTC

    RE: yontoo.com

    Originally posted by: evilfantasy

    Cnet downloaders installed that on my machine with out my knowledge!