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    • S.D.N. on Sat 27 Aug 2011
    • 07:44:49 AM UTC


    I logged in and was treated like a new sign up. I went to my profile and all my information was gone. all of it, my name everything wiped. the only thing was my photo that I wanted to update.

    The only reason I knew what was up is when it flashed red about my info and i had to scroll down to see Everything gone. I'm not going to add or change a thing until I hear, "no big deal, just a glitch.

    Also, I never uninstalled WOT from Google, it was just gone. I re-installed to find this.
    What is Google's problem with WOT anyway?

    Dapper Captain

    "What do you mean, what is my favorite book? I don't like the threat implied in that question."


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    • Timo on Tue 30 Aug 2011
    • 07:23:28 AM UTC

    RE: Profile

    Sorry for late reply. I can't reproduce the problem. Can you provide me steps how did it happen?