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    • Anonymous on Tue 31 Jan 2012
    • 05:50:31 PM UTC

    An Explanation.

    First I want you all to understand this is by no means a plea for help, yet an explanation I feel We (Amanda and I) owe to so many here that has rated and visited "Scientific Frontline" and its sub-domains.

    We had been supported by donations and corporate support in the years past, yet due to me taking so much time off to ponder and try to enjoy life; well that all was lost.

    We use to have 5 rigs constantly working the site, and two running 24/7 just synchronizing data from several government and corporate servers.

    Over that last eight months we had lost three of those comps due to age, one being last week then our network hub failed also. . . The other two just cannot handle the load.

    For the last couple of years even though cost had been minimal, "Scientific Frontline" was completely supported by what was left over from my disability benefits.

    Eight months ago Mandy had been put on leave from work due to bulging disks, yet had short term disability pay to keep us going.

    As some of you know, Mandy is what some would call a LP. Back and hip problems are common for LP's. This was not considered work related and all benefits ended in January. Though a disability claim has been filed with SS. . . well that can take a couple years.

    So at this time it's just my Social Security for income, and that isn't enough, and certainly not enough to buy new equipment to bring the site in production as we were hoping.

    I'm contact many past supporters, yet it's a waiting game to see what come from such.

    So again, thanks for all the ratings and we hope soon we may restore the site into production.


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    • mentalist3d on Tue 31 Jan 2012
    • 09:13:01 PM UTC

    RE: An Explanation.

    I've visited your site a few times on and off, some good resources on the site, so fingers crossed you can raise the funds from past (and maybe new) supporters. If I had the spare cash, I would through a donation your way, but unfortunately I am living in limited means and supporting other projects more local to me.

    I don't know how it works in the US, but have you ever considered becoming a charity or constituted voluntary group? If you do, I have a a constitution that would require a little editing (eg - social aims and objectives, governance, etc.), nothing too complex but enough to help support your bid for charitable status. If you would like a copy just pm and I'll pass it on.

    Becoming a constituted voluntary group or charity would at least open up the doors to other funding sources and make your project less reliant on your own income. Anyway, whatever you decide, good luck with the project and if I can help in any way,other than financially ;), just let me know.

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    • Myxt on Wed 01 Feb 2012
    • 07:19:38 AM UTC

    RE: Another approach

    @DT: You have likely been providing a decent stream of PR and traffic to your sources. Maybe you can ask them for help or referrals.