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    • adirmola on Sun 18 Mar 2012
    • 07:34:02 PM UTC


    Site URL: http://heshjct.allalla.com
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    My site is a forum for learning. I'm accounting student in Israel and opened the site to my friends and I can discuss the material and to share files between us.
    The site is actually more for sharing files than we have discussed since Google group through which we conduct the discussions.
    As I understand my site's reputation is set lower, but I do not understand why, I do not the host any malicious content, perhaps the server that I use has been recognized as problematic and therefore my site.
    Could it be that through the server I use for my site, I will host malicious content that I am not aware of?
    My site is in Hebrew.

    Has privacy policy?

    Has a way for users to contact site owners?

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