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    • ivxoxvi on Mon 05 Nov 2012
    • 04:36:14 PM UTC

    RemoveMyName.com - Good or Scam?

    hxxp://RemoveMyName.com -- they say they can guarantee results for getting your name off bad sites and improving online reputation.

    The site seems legit, and it would be helpful if they can do it But it's so new, I thought maybe experts here could evaluate and see if they are genuine. They are at the BBB:

    BBB Accredited Business since 07/30/2012



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    • A440 on Tue 06 Nov 2012
    • 01:13:31 AM UTC

    RE: RemoveMyName.com - Good or Scam?

    Based upon what I read through google and elsewhere, I would not consider using a company like them that has dubious claims and various complaints against them. These guys smell fishy.

    Frankly speaking, if people are dumb enough to post "nakid" pictures of themselves on the internet, then they get what they deserve.

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    • PuddinTame on Tue 06 Nov 2012
    • 01:56:03 AM UTC

    RE: RemoveMyName.com - Good or Scam?

    Speaking personally I find that all of these operations should be red. This includes:
    - Mugshot/criminal records
    - Inappropriate photos
    - Accusations that are not verified and can't be responded to (STD carriers, cheaters, ethical lapses, etc.)
    (which is 3 out of the 10 categories they claim to support)

    Don't get me wrong, there are legitimate SEO businesses that exist to create good 'organic' results that can 'push down' bad ones. Otherwise though, it just seems like a thinly veiled extortion scheme.

    On the plus side though, they apparently have been in business since 2008 which is before all these sites started popping up, so there could be some legitimacy there. The WhoIs info is private, which seems ironic in a way.

    I'm kind of torn; at best it is a legitimate reputation management company, but if so why do they market themselves as a grey market extortion-enabler? Not rating yet in the hopes that another member with more time/savvy can clear it up.

  3. User picture
    • Tay Banks on Thu 08 Nov 2012
    • 05:07:22 AM UTC

    RE: RemoveMyName.com - Good or Scam?

    WOW.. RemoveMyName.com are funny. If they can remove complaints then why is there lot of complaints on them?. This tells me one thing SCAM.... if they cant remove there own complaints that are on them then how can they help other people remove there complaints?



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    • c۞g on Thu 08 Nov 2012
    • 09:18:21 AM UTC

    RE: RemoveMyName.com - Good or Scam?

    Neither the contact page: http://www.removemyname.com/contact-us/ nor the whois offers contact identity Domain Name: REMOVEMYNAME.COM
    Created on: 31-Jul-05
    Domains By Proxy, LLC

    The address referenced in the BBB listing:
    85 West Main Street, Westminster, MD 21157
    is a commercial address, with different suite numbers, none of which include the business entity: Remove Names, Inc.

    ex. ref: http://www.westgov.com/mainstreet/mainstreet_business.html

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    • ivxoxvi on Thu 08 Nov 2012
    • 07:59:17 PM UTC

    RE: RemoveMyName.com - Good or Scam?

    Thank you so much everybody!

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    • alphacentauri on Fri 09 Nov 2012
    • 12:57:51 AM UTC

    RE: RemoveMyName.com - Good or Scam?

    The negative reviews on the exposeascam site are recent, so the fact that they are still there doesn't mean much. If you follow the links, it's clear the people (person?) posting is not reliable and at least some stuff is clearly fabricated.

    The BBB rating is good. They are apparently satisfied they know the location of the business, which is a BBB member. They raise the same question of the short time in business reducing the trust level.

    The site doesn't seem to be promising too much, just what they can legally accomplish. While you might be able to achieve the same results on your own, it might be worth it to you to not have to deal directly with the owners of distasteful extortion sites.

    Yes, WOT has a wiki. Check there first for fast answers to many questions like "Why is my site rated red, and how do I fix that?"

  7. User picture
    • Jazspeak on Fri 09 Nov 2012
    • 04:46:19 PM UTC

    RE: RemoveMyName.com - Good or Scam?

    Re "BBB Accredited Business since 07/30/2012"

    Don't rely too much on a BBB Accreditation, especially in the light of the information in c۞g's posting above.

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