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  1. User picture
    • shipyard on Fri 19 Jun 2009
    • 06:26:29 PM UTC

    How can I rate thousands of websites per one click?


    I'm rather new on this great project, but enterered almost over 600 dangerous websites.
    I think 300 entries per day can I add. :-)

    Does anybody know if there's a possibility to enter and rate many sites per one-click?
    Like an import of a text-file or csv-file, where I can put them on "very bad" an give a comment? Because some frauds registered thousands of domains. It is very tedious to rate and comment them all manually.


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    • lordpake on Fri 19 Jun 2009
    • 06:32:00 PM UTC

    Once you reach Platinum

    Once you reach Platinum level, you get access to maasrating tool, it allows you to add up to 100 ratings at once.

    "Men make good pets."

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    • c۞g on Fri 19 Jun 2009
    • 06:38:27 PM UTC

    welcome to WOT shipyard

    The mass rating tool allows you to enter 100 sites per click
    It's available to Gold and Platinum level members.

    BTW, in my younger days I worked in a shipyard - NORSHIPCO as it was called then.
    Against Intuition - gives us safety through Web of Trust.
    WOT Community - gives us security through unity.
    Thank you all
    G7W {G.O.M}

  3. User picture
    • lordpake on Fri 19 Jun 2009
    • 06:37:49 PM UTC

    Ah, I forgot that its

    Ah, I forgot that its available to Gold level =)

    "Men make good pets."

  4. User picture
    • wehaveitall on Fri 19 Jun 2009
    • 11:21:45 PM UTC

    To Get Gold

    When your activity score reaches 6000, your account reaches gold status, allowing you to rate up to 100 websites at once, through what's called the mass rating tool.
    This option will be added as a tab in your profile once you reach gold.

    From the WOT wiki:

    Q: How high of an activity score do I need for each rank, and how can I see my rank/activity score?

    A: The ranks are as follows:

    Platinum-10,000 activity score points
    Gold-6000 activity score points
    Silver-3000 activity score points
    Bronze-1500 activity score points
    Blue (rookie)-beginner

    If you have a WOT account, you can see your rank and activity score in your profile, at http://www.mywot.com/profile

    You can also view your activity score by clicking the WOT circle near the address bar.

    Q:What does my Activity score do?

    A: Your activity score is a number formulated by how many websites you rate, comments you leave, and forum posts you make. The higher it is, the more your individual rating effects the overall rating of a website. It basically is a measurement of how much your rating counts. A 0 activity score has absolutely no effect, while a 3000 activity score may have a much bigger effect.

    Q: Is there a ranking system based on how high my activity score is?

    A: Yes, see the details about this in the next question.

    We rate the websites, the WOT staff creates, and advertises the add-on, and together, we make it all happen.

  5. User picture
    • phantazm on Fri 19 Jun 2009
    • 11:27:34 PM UTC

    Almost there

    Your activity is very close to 6000.
    Tomorrow you should be there... :-)

  6. User picture
    • demonluo on Sat 20 Jun 2009
    • 11:31:41 AM UTC

    i'm only 3725...

    i'm only 3725...

    • User picture
      • phantazm on Sat 20 Jun 2009
      • 11:51:00 AM UTC


      It was shipyard I was referring to, when I wrote 'you're almost there'.
      But don't worry: keep rating, and you'll get there too... ;-)

  7. User picture
    • shipyard on Sat 20 Jun 2009
    • 11:58:53 AM UTC

    Thank you very much for the

    Thank you very much for the answers :-) .

  8. User picture
    • jay byers on Sat 20 Jun 2009
    • 12:56:02 PM UTC

    New Member

    Is there a URL to my profile that can be used on my websites? Also how do you improve the rating of your own websites?

    Jay Byers
    EMR Services of Canada
    16 Kilbourne Cr.
    St.Catharines, ON.
    L2M 3E4
    Worpress Blog
    Goggle Blog

    • User picture
      • c۞g on Sat 20 Jun 2009
      • 03:03:17 PM UTC

      re: New Member - jay byers

      Welcome to WOT

      To request ratings for your site, please start a new topic for them.
      It's not polite to be off topic in a thread - some call it "hijacking."

      as to your profile.
      submit your homepage URL in the homepage text area and ensure that it's made "public" this way anyone visiting your profile can see your site URL.

      You can also include the URL in your Comment Signature (Forum posts and scorecard comments), also located within your Profile.
      Against Intuition - gives us safety through Web of Trust.
      WOT Community - gives us security through unity.
      Thank you all
      G7W {G.O.M}

  9. User picture
    • phantazm on Sat 20 Jun 2009
    • 02:52:43 PM UTC


    Welcome to the new member..!

    Your profile url is: http://www.mywot.com/user/415454

    WOT: "The best way to influence a site's rating is to rate it yourself and ask your customers and friends to rate it. You can leave a comment on the scorecard identifying yourself as the owner as well. You may also consider introducing yourself on the WOT forum and asking our knowledgeable regulars to visit and rate your site."

    To encourage your visitors to rate your site, you could add a WOT badge:
    Below is an example, find more here: www.mywot.com/en/friends

    Free Internet Security - WOT Web of Trust

    Hope it helps...

  10. User picture
    • demonluo on Mon 07 Dec 2009
    • 11:28:53 PM UTC

    do not spam other people

    do not spam other people topic (i saw this 3x already), u can create ur own topic...