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  1. User picture
    • Pedro_tio on Sun 28 Jun 2009
    • 12:24:32 AM UTC

    Somebody can write in portuguese (Brazil)? [Alguém pode escrever em português?]

    I'd want verify the popularity of WOT in Brazil. [ E queiria verificar a popularidade do WOT no Brasil].

    Tente dar dois pulos pra atravessar um abismo!


  1. User picture
    • MysteryFCM on Sun 28 Jun 2009
    • 12:37:22 AM UTC


    What are you wanting translated?

    Steven Burn
    Ur I.T. Mate Group / hpHosts
    it-mate.co.uk / hosts-file.net

    • User picture
      • BobJam (not verified) on Sun 28 Jun 2009
      • 07:05:23 AM UTC


      I think maybe the poster wants WOT available in Portugese . . . but that's only a guess.

      Sami: Is WOT available in that language?

      • User picture
        • Sami on Sun 28 Jun 2009
        • 08:33:50 AM UTC

        Re: Guess

        Is WOT available in that language?

        Yes, Brazilian Portuguese is one of the supported languages.

  2. User picture
    • Athlonite on Sun 28 Jun 2009
    • 11:05:42 AM UTC

    Popularity of WOT

    Could the member mean, how many users of WOT in Brazil ? In the May 2009 Newsletter there is a PDF doc. with a map of the WOT users Worldwide :

    http://www.mywot.com/newsletter .


    Your help is always needed.

    • User picture
      • BobJam (not verified) on Sun 28 Jun 2009
      • 05:08:22 PM UTC

      Might be it

      I think that may be it. But if the OP would come back to this thread and clarify, we wouldn't have to be doing all this guessing.

  3. User picture
    • Pedro_tio on Mon 06 Jul 2009
    • 12:44:32 PM UTC


    Thanks Athlonite, but I coudn't see any brazilian or who speak portuguese in this forúm, due that I got that doubt about the popularity of WOT here.

    BobJam, What is OP?

    • User picture
      • BobJam (not verified) on Tue 07 Jul 2009
      • 01:41:01 AM UTC


      OP = "Original Poster" or "Original Post".

      It refers to the first post in a thread and/or who made it.

    • User picture
      • Athlonite on Tue 07 Jul 2009
      • 10:30:29 AM UTC

      Hey Pedro !!

      I wasn't sure that's what you wanted but, it sounded like you wanted to know how many users of WOT in Brazil. Is this where you are? I don't speak Portuguese but can read a bit of Spanish which is pretty similar.

      As you found out , this is mainly an English forum but, even though English may not be your primary language , please post any way. We will help in anyway we can.


      Your help is always needed.

  4. User picture
    • Anonymous on Tue 07 Jul 2009
    • 10:46:08 AM UTC

    Boa tarde Pedro..

    Falo um pouco Português (Eu sou australiano, mas minha namorada é o Português) - Eu vou ajudá-lo no entanto eu posso!

  5. User picture
    • vmcosta on Thu 30 Jul 2009
    • 06:51:05 PM UTC

    Sou Brasileiro

    Pedro, em fórum internacional a língua mais utilizada é o Inglês. Apesar de você não encontrar brasileiros participando do fórum, o WOT esta sendo utilizado por brasileiros. O WOT depende muito dos usuários, tando na sua contribuição como na sua divulgação, convide seus amigos.

    • User picture
      • Athlonite on Thu 30 Jul 2009
      • 10:04:23 PM UTC

      Hey vmcoasta

      Google Translation :

      "Pedro in the international forum most used language is English. Although you can not find part of the Brazilian forum, the WOT is being used by Brazilians. The WOT is a lot of users, increasing its contribution and its dissemination, invite your friends."

      Yes, forums are primarily English around the world but, if you use a translator such as , Google or Bing or Babblefish, you will be able to post and understand what is meant.

      There are a few Brazilians that do use this site and all are posting in English. That doesn't mean that , if you are having problems or would like to inquire about a site, that you should Not use this forum. We do have the help of the Brazilian Community when it comes to translating a post. And so far, I think they have been doing a good job.

      So Yes, invite your friends to join in and we could learn from each other.


      Your help is always needed.

  6. User picture
    • bjskid on Fri 31 Jul 2009
    • 03:08:50 PM UTC

    I'm a brazilian user, but I

    I'm a brazilian user, but I write the most of comments in english. ;)

  7. User picture
    • c۞g on Fri 31 Jul 2009
    • 07:25:01 PM UTC

    re: I'm a brazilian user, but I

    Hi bjskid

    If I were bilingual, I would make simple comments on Scorecards; good, bad, mediocre, what ever, in both languages. English is main language in WOT that I am aware of, which makes it difficult for other non-English members.

    just a thought...
    Against Intuition - gives us safety through Web of Trust.
    WOT Community - gives us security through unity.
    Thank you all
    - G7W

  8. User picture
    • Lucianarv on Wed 16 Sep 2009
    • 12:01:39 AM UTC

    Eu tb sou brasileira

    oi tb sou brasileira e estou gostando muito do Wot

    tenho um blog e a classificação dele é excelente, fiquei muito feliz e vou fazer de tudo para mantê-lo seguro. O link é: http://ser-psico.blogspot.com/