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    • Sunnybun on Wed 01 Jul 2009
    • 04:09:26 PM UTC

    The Shield Deluxe 2009

    I wonder if anyone else has had a problem with The Shield Deluxe 2009? I downloaded it in June 2009, and three times I have gotten pop ups saying my database was outdated and I needed to update. Okay, so far. However, when I try to download the updates, I always get a message saying that my update database is corrupted. I then get a message saying that if my update database is corrupted (how do they know?) I can do a rollback to a previous update, which I did the first two times this happened. This time, when I clicked on the button to do a rollback, I got a pop up message saying that the rollback could not be done. No reason; just couldn't be done. So, now I am without any security software. I am pissed, because CNET gave this software its highest rating - and that is the reason I chose it over other more well-known brands. I also notice that the home website for The Shield Deluxe 2009 has been given a red circle by WOT. Very alarming. When I googled for some information about The Shield Deluxe 2009, I came across a couple of forums where people describe it as "rouge" software. Another website said that the company is affiliated with a scam where people are being contacted and told that their computer database is corrupted and they need to download software to clean it. The representatives spoke with heavy Indian accents. I bought The Shield Deluxe 2009 from TigerDirect, and I have sent them an email about it. I am also going to complain to CNET. BTW, this is not the first bum steer I have gotten from CNET. Don't trust their reviews!!


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    • cotojo on Wed 01 Jul 2009
    • 04:20:37 PM UTC

    The Shield Deluxe 2009

    Bad news - it's a rogue application.

    Clean your Hosts File:
    Watch the first video on the page, it explains how to clean your Hosts with HostsXpert which is easier to use:

    Also download, install, update and scan with the following:

    Click BLUE button for free version.

    "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it" - Winston Churchill

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      • Sunnybun on Mon 06 Jul 2009
      • 11:42:11 PM UTC

      Thanks, Colin

      I am going to start the process now as you described it. I appreciate your time and expertise. I'll post back to let you know how it went. Thanks so much.

      An update: I followed your instructions and everything is up and running now. Thank you so much for your response.

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    • Athlonite on Wed 01 Jul 2009
    • 08:30:48 PM UTC

    Hey Sunnybun !!

    Please read all of my post first before doing any installing.

    Once you have cleaned out your PC of this crapware following Colin's (cotojo) advice and instructions and since you say that you know have no security programs , you should consider downloading and installing either of these Free antivirus applications. They are among , if not the best of, in terms of real time protection.

    But, before you install :

    One question before you install any other security programs. Did you ever have other security programs installed on your PC before adding the Shield ? If so, were they the likes of Norton or McAfee or AVG ? If yes, were they uninstalled with their proper removal tool ? If not, you will have to run their removal tool before installing any other AntiVirus and Antispyware and Firewall .

    You can find the proper removal tools for the above mentioned programs here :

    Norton : choose the right one for the program that was previously installed.

    McAfee . There is a short Video which you should watch.
    They will ask to activate the program but , in your case
    simply run the tool since it has already been uninstalled
    through the Add / Remove program in Windows.
    Go to Step 2 and download then run the tool.

    AVG : Run this tool if you had complications removing AVG.
    http://www.avg.com/download-tools .

    If you had any security software installed other then the ones mentioned above, reply and I will provide the removal tool IF necessary.

    Now , after proper cleaning with the removal tools, Re-Boot your PC and download this Temp File cleaner. It is free and safe to use in XP and Vista 32bit. NOT 64bit.

    ATF Cleaner : This is a simple .exe . You only have to double click on it. Check all the boxes unless you want to save your passwords and / or cookies . Then , click on
    "Empty Selected" this will take but a few seconds.

    Now , we can download and install the proper security applications to protect you against most if not all nasties.

    Avast : Probably the easiest of the two mentioned here. Read about and download from this link :
    http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html . They also have a very good support forum

    Avira AntiVir : Real time Antivirus security program . A little more difficult but , is one of the best. Your choice. A forum is also available for further instructions and inquiries.

    To Download :
    [Download English installation kit] Download English installation kit
    Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus, Version 9 30.8 MB

    To Read about Avira :
    http://www.free-av.de/en/products/1/avira_antivir_... .

    For the Antispyware in Real Time :
    You should Buy either of the recommended security programs that Colin has mentioned above. One or the other. Both will secure your PC.

    The last recommended piece of security software you should consider , would be the Firewall. IF you do not have a Firewall at the moment PLS consider one of these.

    PC Tools Firewall Plus :
    Read and Download :
    http://www.pctools.com/firewall/ . This is a Free Firewall .

    Online Armor :
    Read and Download :
    http://www.tallemu.com/free-firewall-protection-so... This is Free security software. You do NOT need to buy the Paid For program . This will provide security for your daily needs. Unless , you do allot of Dark Side surfing, this is enough.

    Now, once you have Cleaned your PC , downloaded ALL of the programs that you have chosen from the list above , you can Disconnect from the internet and install the above mentioned programs of your choice. When all are installed , RE-Connect to the internet and Run the Up-Date tool in every program. You are now well protected and can surf without fear.

    IF you have any concerns or questions on how to, post back and we will answer you queries .


    Your help is always needed.

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      • Sunnybun on Mon 06 Jul 2009
      • 11:44:32 PM UTC

      Thanks, Athlonite

      Wow! I never expected such a detailed explanation of how I can fix this mess. Thank you so much for the time you spent posting this information. I am going to follow your directions to a tee; hopefully I will be able to get rid of The Shield Deluxe 2009 and get my system secured again!

      An Update: I followed your instructions and got rid of The Shield Deluxe 2009, cleaned my system and now have Avast running as my anti-virus protection. Thanks so much for your detailed instructions; they were very easy to follow.

      • User picture
        • Athlonite on Sun 05 Jul 2009
        • 01:25:38 AM UTC

        IF you

        are stuck one of the steps to follow, please stop and post your concern. No need to go ahead and have to undo what was not understood.

        One other program you should install before any work is done. (sorry , I should have thought of it before) . Download and install REVO Uninstaller (free) :
        These are the Features found in Revo :

        This will help with the uninstall of The Shield if you somehow , you cannot get rid of it.

        Only use Revo if one of the antispyware cannot delete this rogue program !!!

        If you are forced to use Revo because of complications , make sure to start the scanning process with the "Safe" mode. Then , once the scan is done and you click on the Next button , Revo will report all of the files and registry keys that are "Safe" to delete.

        If you have any questions before you start the cleaning or installing process, please post your concerns.


        PS > make sure to Re-Boot your PC after every uninstall or if one or both of the antispyware ask to do so in order to delete certain files that are in use.

        Your help is always needed.

  3. User picture
    • zimminkie on Mon 06 Jul 2009
    • 01:20:33 AM UTC

    I got rid of The Shield Deluxe 2009

    After months of my pc getting slower, constantly being interrupted by the program about pretty much anything, and having frequent occasions of "corrupted updates," I had enough! I was using the latest "confirmed" version of Windows Explorer, and each online experience became slower and slower. At times, my machine even stalled. I finally had enough, backed up all my important stuff on an external HD, and simply reformatted my HD and reinstalled my OS (Win XP Pro). Thanks to some smart advice, I have installed Mozilla Firefox and use this as my primary browser. I also found a decently rated anti-virus program at half the price and usage on my pc is hardly noticeable. Amazing results! Can't remember how long it's been since I was able to browse the internet this fast!!!!! Get rid of the lame program!!!