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    • Reporter on Sun 16 Aug 2009
    • 12:57:14 AM UTC

    toptenreviews.com fraud / scam / fake review sites but rated as green

    toptenreviews.com is not a site to be trusted. They earn money when they promote software which they have relationship with. Money is earned when you click on those referrer/affiliate buy links. The reviews are influenced by how much money you pay and are so heavily biased.

    It also promotes rogue-ware / adware / spyware as long as they have money in return.

    Please vote it down and bring up the right rating (red!):

    For more evidence please read section 3.2.1 of the following report:

    See also: http://www.mywot.com/scorecard/anti-virus-softw...


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    • BobJam (not verified) on Sun 16 Aug 2009
    • 10:20:24 AM UTC

    Not necessarily related to toptenreviews.com, but pertinent

    This is an excerpt of an article on the asknerd website (careful, it's rated red, but as long as you don't download anything or click on any links, it should be safe):

    "The issue lies in the explosion of spam-review sites which are nothing more than websites promoting affiliate links under the guise of an official " review " site. Their main goal is to accomplish one thing - to send you to the site they are promoting and hoping you buy the product they are selling - if you do, they get up to a 75% cut of the sale. In other words, their reviews are up for sale - and are not anything but thinly vailed sales pitches. For example, if you do a search for the term " Paid Survey " or " Registry Repair " you'll notice that the paid listings all include sites that say " read our review " or " warning, don't download anything until you read this..."

    Subsequently, don't put a lot of stock into their reviews or you might end up with a computer that is worse off than when you started. The best way to spot a self promoting affiliate site is to check the link that they use to send you to the reviewed products site for anything but the correct URL address. If there is a "hop" or a "aff" in the link, you can be sure that they are getting a cut off of the sale of the product."

  2. User picture
    • alnmurray on Sun 16 Aug 2009
    • 09:07:26 PM UTC

    Is it really Spam, Scam or Marketing?

    It sad when some folks click on a link and make a poor judgment that a site is phishing or spamming scamming them.
    So what does phishing really mean?
    If a site asks for your email & Telephone number is that phishing?
    I can do the same in the online Yellow or White Pages.
    Or even pay for a history look-up.

    You got Scammed? Hmm, Wow, what ?
    What did they ask you to do?
    How much money did you give or get taken for?

    Get a brain, the site http://MyHelp4You.info is a Marketing site that's all, no fishing, spammers, etc.
    If you really took the time to review http://MyHelp4You.info you would see that the company they are marketing for has been around for over 36 years and is listed on the NY Stock Exchange. It's one of the few companies making money during this ressession.
    Perhaps, you should join and make some money.

    If you get emails from Nigeria it's because you opened one of those ebay emails and it stole your entire address book. If you doubt it. Forward one of those emails to Spoof@ebay.com and watch ebay send you a confirmation back with your entire address book attached.


    • User picture
      • BobJam (not verified) on Mon 17 Aug 2009
      • 09:37:28 AM UTC


      "So what does phishing really mean?
      From Wikipedia: "phishing is the . . . process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication."

      I take it you are the owner of the site since you've listed it as your homepage on your profile. Allan Murray, Sr.? marketgiantsuccess.com? buildlastingsuccess.com? am.buildlastingsuccess.com hosted by the Rydell Company?

      "Get a brain"
      I think the brainpower of the members of this community is well above average. Telling the community to "Get a brain" is not the best way to further your argument.

      You've stepped into the Lion's Den here, and you're going to have to do a little better than using typical marketing language (though I will admit "Get a brain" is not typical marketing language).

      The members of this community are pretty tech savvy, so any arguments you make should be based on technical issues.

      BTW, I see you are listed in hpHosts too, so it's not just WOT that is giving you a low rating.

      I could dig further to find out more than just your hosting company and a few other domains, but you're a slam-dunk red to me already, so it's not worth more of my time.

      Rated red and agreed to cotojo's comment.

  3. User picture
    • c۞g on Mon 17 Aug 2009
    • 11:46:32 PM UTC

    re: MyHelp4You.info

    MyHelp4You.info simply redirects to: am.buildlastingsuccess.com
    Where is the MyHelp4You.info Site?

    Now... investigating buildlastingsuccess.com it resides upon IP: with several similarly named sites, many which are blacklisted as a Spam domains
    LISTED IN BLACKLIST! multi.surbl.org

    Didn't this all get discussed previously when you spammed a Poll?

    • User picture
      • BobJam (not verified) on Tue 18 Aug 2009
      • 04:13:26 AM UTC

      Gone probably

      This guy, Alan Murray Sr./alnmurray screen name, is probably gone.

      Ironically, his spamming has actually caused us not only to highlight the digging and dig more, but confirmed the nature of the beast by the beast himself.

      I think we're feeding oats to a dead horse here.

      The guy landed in the Lion's Den. It always amazes me that these stupid spammers choose to spam this forum. If I were a spammer, this is one of the last places I would spam. In fact, I would choose NOT to spam here at all. As far as bots (and I don't think this was one), I would assume there's a way to blacklist/whitelist certain sites so that bots don't deposit there.

      NOTICE TO SPAMMERS: Spam here at your own peril.

  4. User picture
    • JDAW (not verified) on Wed 06 Jan 2010
    • 11:27:20 PM UTC

    Review Sites

    I am the owner of a review site and would have to disagree with some of the viewpoints. No I won't tell you which one.
    I host a forum and a blog on my site where people can comment. on what they like or just simply loath about what I am offering. I started it after trying to locate a product hat would work as advertised, couldn't do it, got angry, and came up with a solution.
    Participants can also ask questions and get others feedback. This doesn't leave much room for selling something purely to make money. That just isn't the case. It also has to serve a tangible purpose.
    The products I promote are indeed the best in the field and the users themselves say so.
    Finally, I could be earning more money promoting inferior products. Go figure that one. And I believe that someone who actually takes the time to build a real review site should be rewarded for it. It takes unbelievable effort and time.
    As far as I can concerned, a real review site is valuable, I don't care who gets the money, as long as I don't get screwed. But of course those kinds of sites are few and far between, and that's what is making everyone so angry.
    And yes, a site like TopTenReviews is definitely in it just to make money, no questions about that.

    • User picture
      • c۞g on Thu 07 Jan 2010
      • 12:33:47 AM UTC

      a real review site is valuable

      But when the review site solely offers reviews for products in which it earns a fee to write the review... it is no longer a real review site but has become an advertiser. - there is the difference. Let's take topTenReviews as an example...
      They only offer software products that must be purchased, and of the plethora of pay-for-software, what they consider "best" is what earns them more. For example, go to toptenreviews, and investigate the security software offered, some are indeed good, while others can be "beaten" by free versions of other products.

      Why post and comment about how hard you worked to get your review site online and yet refuse to offer a link to it?
      If it's genuine and not biased... you'll get some really high ratings.

  5. User picture
    • Hal999 on Sat 25 Feb 2012
    • 11:29:35 PM UTC

    RE: toptenreviews.com fraud / scam / fake review sites but rated

    Thank you for this warning. I had been taking the toptenreviews site seriously until I read your insights here.

    I wouldn't touch that, Dave.

  6. User picture
    • Hal999 on Sat 06 Apr 2013
    • 05:15:20 PM UTC

    RE: toptenreviews.com fraud / scam / fake review sites but rated

    Still glad I learned to avoid toptenreviews.

    And now I am somewhat suspicious of others using the same tactics. Here is another site which refers its clients to software. It is sermon.net . The sermon.net site offers a free basic service. I use this service to post sermons for The Trumpet Voice Ministries. But I get no traffic from being there. I hope to get a small circle of friends to use the audio files I have uploaded there. Were I to pay for their premium site, I suspect traffic would increase. I also need to advertise.

    ANYHOW, Sermon.net generates some goodwill by offering the free service and good support. Yet they may be taking a bit of advantage of clients when they highly recommend everyone buy the softwares such as NCH software (use their links from their site). But NCH software hasn't been particularly good to me in the past. So I do not buy their software. I merely use the FREE realplayer ... and it does just fine for me. But sermon.net does not tell you how good the free service is.

    At least I get no spam or any other garbage caused by sermon.net .

    I wouldn't touch that, Dave.

  7. User picture
    • spenz (not verified) on Tue 30 Apr 2013
    • 07:26:48 PM UTC

    RE: toptenreviews.com fraud / scam / fake review sites but rated

    I came here because I got this weird feeling that this particular website is somewhat untrustable. It is the way the design of their website is laid out and presented. It really shouts we're biased and what you see here paid us to do our job and promote them.

    This website may not probably contain any malware, phishing or any other viral attack tactics. But if there reviews is indeed biased then it cannot be trusted and it should be rightfully given a low rating due to misleading and spreading misinformation to good internet citizens.

  8. User picture
    • weebit on Tue 30 Apr 2013
    • 08:33:56 PM UTC

    RE: toptenreviews.com fraud / scam / fake review sites but rated

    So I have to ask... What makes a good review website? I just created my site from scratch all over again because the spammers found it and had a field day and I would like to know what makes a good review site good?

    A few things i would like to mention is that when a review website has ads on it, it can be hard to find affiliates that people will look at as legit it boils down to what you are reviewing. You are scrutinized at every turn. Leave something out and no one takes you serious. Have the wrong ads and you are called fake or worse. Review websites take years to build and only seconds to destroy. Every little thing can ruin your reputation. Rather if it is your members or staff everyone is subject. It never ends.

  9. User picture
    • tempest12345 on Mon 20 Jan 2014
    • 11:14:08 PM UTC

    RE: toptenreviews.com fraud / scam / fake review sites but rated

    This site is a joke. This site only makes their money on money. Meaning, that everyone they refer, Top10 makes an affiliate commission. When you are "lucky" enough to be part of their review section, they require a $1000.00 minimum for you to even carry their logo on your site along with "booting" you out of their program if you give less sales commission than what the other top three give. In other words, pay toptenreviews.com a hefty commission and, BOOM, you have top rating. I would rather depend on a "back door doctor" than ever use these people for any type of legitimate review. I hope in due time these people are out of business.