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  1. User picture
    • bosung on Thu 03 Sep 2009
    • 06:49:07 AM UTC

    My wot doesn't show up anymore

    When I check add-on, it says WOT is enabled
    however, my firefox does not have WOT anywhere to show me that if the site i am viewing is safe or not.

    WOT worked for me for a long time but suddenly stopped working few days ago.

    does anyone know a fix?


  1. User picture
    • Sami on Thu 03 Sep 2009
    • 09:32:03 AM UTC

    Re: My wot doesn't show up anymore

    Have you tried the solutions on the problem report page?

    • User picture
      • Bendigedig on Sun 13 Sep 2009
      • 03:50:14 PM UTC

      My WOT downloads and vanishes completely.

      It used to work, then it vanished. I have downloaded it umpteen times but it just vanishes.
      I am also having a problem with Windows update, that Microsoft can't sort out. I wonder whether there is a connection?
      I have all singing, all dancing, Vist Ultimate and Office 2007 Ultimate.
      All suggestions welcome, I'm sure Sami would agree

      • User picture
        • Sami on Sun 13 Sep 2009
        • 03:54:48 PM UTC

        Re: vanishes

        Are you using Internet Explorer? Have you used a registry cleaner lately? Did you look at the problem report page?

  2. User picture
    • rockybilbao on Sun 11 Oct 2009
    • 04:41:18 AM UTC

    My WoT doesn work, & I can't reinstal it anymore.

    Could somebode help me because today my WOT doesn't work anymore.
    Usually if this happens, I do uninstalling it with revo uninstaller dan re-install it.
    But today, I cant reinstall it anymore.
    The message from windows installer is : "This installer package could not be opened verify that the package exists and that you can access it; or contact the applications vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package"
    Your help is much appreciate,
    Thanks alot.

    • User picture
      • Sami on Sun 11 Oct 2009
      • 06:08:03 AM UTC

      Re: Can't reinstall

      Usually if this happens

      This happens often? Are you using a registry cleaner?

      I do uninstalling it with revo uninstaller

      Why? You should always uninstall the IE add-on from Control Panel.

      The message from windows installer is

      Have you tried downloading it again? If that didn't help, you can solve most Windows Installer related problems by installing the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility from Microsoft and removing any previous entries for "WOT for Internet Explorer".

  3. User picture
    • traveler818 on Sun 11 Oct 2009
    • 05:21:32 AM UTC

    Mywot doesn't work with In Private browsing.

    Traveler818 I really miss seeing the colored circles so I know right away when to enter, when to run. Now I have to log into Mywot to check a website. More work. Got caught in the Hotmail hack. Hit hard.

    Is this something WOT is going to change (add to InPrivate browsing)? I really rely on WOT for info before visiting a site. Am so busy. Sometimes forget to come here for rating info. Risky. InPrivate is new I think. Please make Mywot work there. Hackers can do almost anything and they did, even called paypal after opening an account in my name (after pestering me for bank info) Long story, long fix. Took info from a message in my gmail account. Always browse InPrivate now. I need you InPrivate browsing.

    • User picture
      • Sami on Sun 11 Oct 2009
      • 06:09:07 AM UTC

      Re: InPrivate

      I believe IE disables all add-ons when you select the InPrivate Browsing mode.

  4. User picture
    • foreualways on Tue 13 Oct 2009
    • 07:37:30 PM UTC

    My wot doesn't work! It

    My wot doesn't work!
    It worked fine a few days ago.
    I have XP Home, Avast Anti Virus, CCleaner and nCleaner!
    I am running Firefox 3.0.14

    Tried unstall and restall - made a new profile in Firefox.
    Can someone help??????????