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    • difrawi_defrawy on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 05:59:55 PM UTC

    Internet-Company.com next Defrawi phishing site?

    A while ago it seemed that threestarsinc.com was going to be replaced by medialogicinc.com (see http://www.mywot.com/forum/4332-media-logic-inc... ). It looks like this may only have been an act of distraction, They have a new site Internet-Company.com up now, and Internet Company Inc may be the one to replace Three Stars.

    Internet-Company.com is hosted on a dedicated server, IP
    Record created on 23-Sep-2009
    Registrant Search: "Internet Company" owns about 42 other domains

    Rate Red: phishing and other scams



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    • difrawi_defrawy on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 08:52:49 PM UTC

    Internet-Company.net as well

    Internet-Company.net was registered the same day. Rated and commented.


    WOT this is all about - backgrounds

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    • difrawi_defrawy on Sun 24 Jan 2010
    • 05:06:58 PM UTC

    WFTV Action 9 Todd Ulrich on the case again

    New report by the impeccable investigating journalist Todd Ulrich, who did several reports on the Alec Difrawi / Ralph Edward Bell scams before.

    Watch http://www.wftv.com/video/22318192/index.html

    Apparently the mob knew about the report's content in advance, considering the attempts to defame this brave woman http://www.ziprealty.com/agent/mashraf
    See http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/scam-ide... and http://www.ripoffreport.com/realtors/melanie-ashra...

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      • ░▒▓█ on Sun 24 Jan 2010
      • 06:44:07 PM UTC

      Is this not the same pattern

      Is this not the same pattern they used against Esa Suurio? Ripoffreport and Complaintsboard I remember, this will only be the start I think.

      They are stupid, saying "Career Network is aware that Melanie Ashraf filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against our company". How? Why are you Googling her? Those dates are even before the WFTV report I think.

      If WOT members are also on Ripoffreport and Complaintsboard then perhaps they can help fight this libel?

      • User picture
        • difrawi_defrawy on Mon 25 Jan 2010
        • 12:25:50 AM UTC


        According to Melanie this happened, and I believe she's telling the truth: "So I told The Internet Co that I was filing with the BBB and then I got a call from The Internet Co and was told to google my name and I discovered this false slander about me posted here. A guy on the phone from The Internet Co told me I'd have to live with it for the rest of my life and I was devastated." The scumbags. Same pattern they used against Esa Suurio? Exactly.

        • User picture
          • Melanierose29 on Mon 25 Jan 2010
          • 09:01:20 PM UTC


          Who is Esa Suurio? If she/he was hurt by slander I would like to talk....

          • User picture
            • ░▒▓█ on Mon 25 Jan 2010
            • 11:37:35 PM UTC

            Esa Suurio is the founder of

            Esa Suurio was the CEO of WOT, but also other people who work for WOT have been attacked personally.

    • User picture
      • c۞g on Sun 24 Jan 2010
      • 11:55:33 PM UTC


      I logged in and made a short reply.

      Everything on ripOffReport is duplicate postings as found on complainstBoard.
      RipOffReport want PII which I will not give to an online forum; beside, there have been reports that RipOffReport takes sides with the highest bidder - I found that info out several months ago from some Googling, which is why I will not create an account there...

    • User picture
      • Melanierose29 on Mon 25 Jan 2010
      • 08:57:40 PM UTC

      The Internet Co aka Careernetwork

      Hello - I was the one on the news and this guy Alec Defrawi is bad news. Not only have I been slandered on complaintsboard.com but I found this morning that my yahoo email had been hacked and the password changed....I was able to retrieve it by having yahoo text me a code. I just cant believe what this guy has gotten away with and I've been looking into what can be done to right the wrongs he's done.

      • User picture
        • ░▒▓█ on Mon 25 Jan 2010
        • 10:54:27 PM UTC

        Hey Melanie, we all

        Hey Melanie, we all appreciate the the stand you are taking. Stay strong!

        This sounds like RICO. Time to call the cops as well as your lawyer!

  3. User picture
    • difrawi_defrawy on Mon 25 Jan 2010
    • 03:21:48 AM UTC


    I know the ongoing discussions and I have a few critical thoughts about ROR's MO myself, but in general I agree to the massive excellent WOT rating. Let's not make this a thread about ROR, please.

    • User picture
      • ░▒▓█ on Mon 25 Jan 2010
      • 07:58:41 AM UTC

      What we are seeing is

      What we are seeing is scammers abusing those things that are used against them. This is an act of revenge on both Melanie Ashraf and Ripoffreport and Complaintsboard, they carry hundreds of complaints about "Career Network" and the other names between them.

  4. User picture
    • ░▒▓█ on Mon 25 Jan 2010
    • 10:55:41 PM UTC


    Some research shows that the President of Three Stars is Keith Kress, Florida attorney. His website is kress-law.com. Anyone care to rate?

    • User picture
      • c۞g on Tue 26 Jan 2010
      • 01:30:47 AM UTC

      re: kress-law.com

      Confirmed re:

      Keith K. "hot rockin legal dude:
      he now serves as our CEO and General Counsel

      whois: kress-law.com
      Created: 2008-04-14
      Registrant info hides behind privacy protection
      Registrant: Kress Law
      c/o Network Solutions
      P.O. Box 459
      Drums, PA. 18222

      Wonder why a legit attorney has to hide identity ...
      He's a cheap lawyer too, his domain sits on a shared IP

      Rated and commented