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    • samkam on Fri 29 Jan 2010
    • 06:44:46 AM UTC

    Zedo is not spyware or malware

    Hi, I work for ZEDO and would like to provide everyone some information to clarify Zedo's role here. People are misinformed and it's not their fault. I request everyone to please understand how ZEDO technology works before falsely assuming that ZEDO engages in promoting malware. This couldn't be farther from reality. ZEDO is an Ad Serving Technology provider, not a malware company. Please leave a comment on my profile or reply on this forum so that I can give you the information you need.


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    • chazsm on Fri 29 Jan 2010
    • 08:04:10 AM UTC

    Re: Zedo is not spyware or malware

    Why do so many users on a variety of different forums complain about it being spyware?

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      • samkam on Fri 29 Jan 2010
      • 10:02:00 AM UTC

      Re: Zedo is not spyware or malware

      Hi Chazsm,
      ZEDO is a technology company that provides an ad serving system to websites, advertisers and advertising agencies. We are just the medium for advertisers to buy ad space and publishers to display the ads, using the ZEDO technology. We try very hard to prevent malicious ads / advertisers using our technology and we also encourage users to tell us if they see a malicious ad attached to the ZEDO code. Please go through this link: http://www.zedo.com/company/anti-spyware.htm

      Legitimate advertisers cannot be prevented from advertising, by law. When a user sees an ad, it is assumed to be malicious, which is not the true in 9 out of 10 cases. It's when an advertiser sneaks in a foul ad where things get difficult. We verify the urls given to us and if they are legit, we run them, but an advertiser can always route the url to a malicious ad at a later stage without us knowing about it.

      A user see ZEDO as the name attached to such malicious ads and falsely assumes that we are the ones promoting it.

      I can safely say that we care about user experience and are always striving towards preventing malware and spyware.

      Hope this explains it a little. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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        • Eoin Heffernan on Mon 31 Jan 2011
        • 10:13:17 PM UTC

        RE: Re: Zedo is not spyware or malware

        Problem from what i can see friend is that people who are less experienced with computers find zedo a bit of a problem,i am reasonably experienced with how the internet works an zedo is not a problem for me but i believe it can give a negative expeience and worry to inexpeienced internet users who dont really understand what zedo is! So im unfortunately against zedo an advertiseing software like it. I do appreciate you must check as many ads as possible but it doesnt seem to be enough at the moment!

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        • neokuji on Fri 30 Dec 2011
        • 03:05:55 PM UTC

        RE: Re: Zedo is not spyware or malware

        re: Legitimate advertisers cannot be prevented from advertising...

        Advertisers cannot prevent their advertising from being prevented/blocked. Absolutely advertisers can, are and will be blocked and prevented from advertising.

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          • oleh77 on Tue 09 Jul 2013
          • 09:33:57 AM UTC

          RE: Re: Zedo is not spyware or malware


          IT'S MALWARE!!

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        • wlc74 on Fri 28 Sep 2012
        • 10:41:24 PM UTC

        RE: Re: Zedo is not spyware or malware

        I am 2 1/2 years late on this, but I would like to re-open the discussion.

        The issue is not whether Zedo is spyware or malware....definitions do not matter. The company itself is unethical in the relationship they hold with their "consumers." The word "consumer" in this case I use loosely, because nobody wants their advertisements on their computers. Now, I have battled with Zedo and let me explain a couple things I learned.

        1) Yes, their intention is to use their innovative advertising techniques. BUT, it is not done in innocence because they force it on the "consumer."

        2) Once I realized what was going on, I deleted all of my cookies. Guess what? Two days later, four Zedo cookies and I was getting pop-ups. The only company that is able to beat my pop-up blocker is Zedo. I cannot delete one of their cookies, it won't allow me to and the others continue to pop up.

        3) I own my computer. I should not have to buy or download software in order to keep someone from invading it. I don't care how innovative they are. I bet I have had ten pop ups today and absolutely none of them came even close to anything that anyone would ever want to click on.

        4) The opt-out button. This is my favorite. You can go to: http://www.zedo.com/about-zedo/opt-out/ to opt out of the cookies. I thought to myself, "wow, how ethical, this is refreshing." Try again. Over the opt-out button, it reads:

        "ZEDO customers may personalize ads based on your past online activity. This is often called online behavioral advertising, or OBA. You can opt-out of receiving personalized ads from ZEDO customers."

        Read it very carefully and you will see that although most "consumers" think that opting out means they will get no more forced ads, it actually means that they will just not get any personalized ads based off of your online activity. This is unethical, misleading and wrong.

        5) I don't want to hear that they cannot control advertising that contains malicious software. That is BS. Any advertising company that cares is going to screen their clients in order to ensure that it meets the needs of their base. Zedo's problem is they don't care.

        6) I read an interview with Roy De Souze, the CEO of Zedo at: http://www.adexchanger.com/publishers/zedo-ceo-de-...

        He worries about this stuff, malicious software in the ads, forcing windows...etc. - That was more than two years ago, don't be fooled. He doesn't care, it is exactly what he wants. That is like believing the President of Iran cares about peace in the middle east and they don't want a nuke. They will say it as long as they are getting away with it.

        So, for everyone that it saying that Zedo is just an ad company and they aren't malicious, etc. I say, they are malicious and they know exactly what they are doing. I don't mind seeing their ads, just put them on pages I regularly visit...what I don't want is them invading my computer and forcing pop-ups while I am trying to research for a paper.

        samcam, I can appreciate what you are trying to say. You work for them and defend the organization. But, if Wal-Mart was reaching in my house throwing flyers in, I would shoot them. Unfortunately for us "consumers," Zedo realizes we cannot do anything about it so they continue in these practices that annoy and pester us.

        samcam, feel free to point out any innacuracies you might find. But, be wary. Remember, I have lived through the nightmare of your company's pop-ups and trying to get rid of them. Do a Google search on your company. Would an ethical company piss that many people off? The answer is unequivically, no.

        • User picture
          • evilfantasy on Sat 29 Sep 2012
          • 12:14:26 AM UTC

          RE: Re: Zedo is not spyware or malware

          While it may be annoying, Zedo is not malicious. Furthermore Zedo is a legit service. Yes I know ad networks get a bad rap but this one is not dangerous. Adware yes. Malware NO.

          CA Technologies - zedo.com
          Threat Assessment
          Overall Risk: Very Low
          Privacy: Very Low

          Symantec - zedo.com
          Norton Safe Web found no issues with this site.
          Computer Threats: 0
          Identity Threats: 0
          Annoyance factors: 0
          Total threats on this site: 0

          VirusTotal - zedo.com
          Detection ratio: 0 / 30

          With the exception of hpHosts (Used for advert or tracking purposes) Zedo does not show up on any blacklists.
          MxToolbox - Listed 0 times
          Blacklist Check - 0 hits

          Don't get me wrong. I have no love for this type of advertising but for the integrity of WOT and the community we need to be sure we are classifying websites as accurately as possible.

          I will not color code this list. It's up to each individual user to decide and for each user to describe (if you choose to do so). My personal opinion is that Zedo is low level adware.

          List of domains/hosts:

          • User picture
            • wlc74 on Sat 29 Sep 2012
            • 02:47:10 AM UTC

            RE: Re: Zedo is not spyware or malware

            I appreciate that reply evilfantasy. Two things, and I realize this is not a debate club so I will make it quick.

            1) I wouldn't even classify it as ADWARE because they do not load software on your computer. With all that I said in the previous post, it is the ethics of the matter. As I read some of the posts here, people were trying to legitimize this company by comparing it to an advertising agency. It is not legitimate and it is not ethical. The things that we have gotten accustomed to!!!

            2) The home page of this WOT site reads: "Would you like to know which websites you can trust?"

            Read my post and you will see that this is not a company or website that can be trusted...regardless of degree.

            All Zedo has done is found a way to hijack your computer without using software.

            I will use those domains you provided though and ATTEMPT to block them. However it has yet to work with their master domain.



            • User picture
              • evilfantasy on Sat 29 Sep 2012
              • 06:10:02 PM UTC

              RE: Re: Zedo is not spyware or malware

              Originally posted by: wlc74
              people were trying to legitimize this company by comparing it to an advertising agency.

              I'm not trying to defend them but it is a legitimate company. The ethics are bad, but it's legit. I sometimes find it hard to decide in placing more blame on the advertiser or the companies who use their software. They are both pretty much equal to blame I suppose.

              Originally posted by: wlc74
              I will use those domains you provided though and ATTEMPT to block them. However it has yet to work with their master domain.

              You have to block more then just the TLD and some sub-domains. I only listed the ones that were easy to find. More digging produced many more.

              List of domains/hosts:


              Bear in mind blocking these will likely not stop it either. "c1" will go all the way to infinity. "c1" "c2" >>>> "c100" and so on. If you block ss.zedo.com then there is ss1, ss2 ss3 and so on to block also. It's how they get around being blocked.

              The best advice is to use a browser with a good pop-up blocker. Then strengthen it up with some third party software (all free). Or edit your Hosts file manually adding thousands of new entries. Have a look at this topic for an example.

              These do not replace a good antivirus and firewall so be sure to keep those up to date as well.
              hpHosts file
              Adblock Plus

              List of domains/hosts:






              And on and on and on....

  2. User picture
    • demonluo on Fri 29 Jan 2010
    • 02:48:29 PM UTC

    9/10 ads r scam/infected, so

    9/10 ads r scam/infected, so they r useless/harmful/annoying & deserve to be blocked/rated poorly & there r billions of them so there's no way in the *peep* hell we can report each one of them w/o been infected 1st unless everyone using something like SB(sandbox)/VM(virtualmachine) & so on...
    Platinum Level Member of the WOT Community

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    • ░▒▓█ on Fri 29 Jan 2010
    • 07:15:28 PM UTC

    Most complaints are that

    Most complaints are that Zedo uses tracking cookies. Well, it is an ad network! This is how ad networks run and measure metrics. Ads are what allow most web sites to produce content!

    They have a BBB rating of A, http://www.bbb.org/greater-san-francisco/business-...

    If you do not like ads or do not want tracking cookies then there are plenty of plugins like AdBlock. But I can see nothing malicious with Zedo.

    • User picture
      • SuperHero58 (not verified) on Sat 29 Sep 2012
      • 10:56:09 PM UTC

      RE: Most complaints are that

      If you do not like ads or do not want tracking cookies then there are plenty of plugins like AdBlock. But I can see nothing malicious with Zedo.

      Or they can tell you ahead of loading a page

      I rate these sites in in the only color I can use

      It should be up to the companies and not the users, to disclose clearly how to OPT in

      Opting out of interest-based advertising does not mean that you will stop seeing ads

      What it means to block ZEDO cookies

      If you decide to block a browser cookie from the ZEDO domain, this means that ZEDO will no longer be able to manage your opt out preferences, and has no control over what ads are shown to you. Learn how to block your ZEDO cookie.


      My experience with ZEDO was quite upsetting, no ONE should experience, what I experienced with this company and in the way things are going, by next year, you will see a more radical version of S.O.P.A, in the politicians agenda

      Greed blinded many of these companies, now when it comes to business method, they are simply blind

      The poetic justice is that I never imagined a day in which I could "return" a bit of my experience, back to them!

      By 2004, the use of filters to limit pop-ups and pop-unders increased. Zedo began using intromercials—advertisements served before the requested content—as an alternate method.[5]
      A writer for The Independent called pop-unders from Zedo and other providers "annoying" while also describing the advertisements' windows as a "seemingly endless barrage".[1] Technologist Danny Sullivan has stated that Zedo carries misleading "junk" ads linking to fake news sites.[9]


      Is high time for Zedo to take the responsibility, when it comes to privacy, not the user!

  4. User picture
    • Arcade™ (not verified) on Fri 12 Feb 2010
    • 07:18:19 PM UTC

    Re: Zedo is not spyware or malware

    This site is secure, Analysis of: Norton Safe Web, Google Safe Browsing, Web Security Guard, and Browser Defender, not have noted Malware:
    McAfee SiteAdvisor: didn't find any significant problems, only a problem with the analysis of users,

    • User picture
      • c۞g on Fri 29 Jan 2010
      • 10:11:41 PM UTC


      hpHosts has Zedo classified as Adware (tracking) which is correct.
      there is also an entry for EMD - Malware most likely due to the entry found on Clean-MX, dated 16 September, 2009 whis is now dead / closed

      This would not constitute a comment category of "Malicious Content" but could fall into the "Spyware / Adware" or even "Ethical issues" categories

    • User picture
      • Falls PC on Wed 21 Aug 2013
      • 05:17:49 AM UTC

      RE: Re: Zedo is not spyware or malware

      No one is talking about the zedo site, it's the software on our computers that is malicious and zedo should not allow it.

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    • ░▒▓█ on Fri 29 Jan 2010
    • 10:36:31 PM UTC

    Some comparisons, zedo.com

    Some comparisons,
    zedo.com 44 / 44 / 41 / 40
    doubleclick.net 52 / 59 / 46 / 62
    yieldmanager.com 32 / 33 / 32 / 33
    WOT ranks these ad networks quite poorly, Zedo is about average.

  6. User picture
    • c۞g on Fri 29 Jan 2010
    • 10:43:03 PM UTC


    Welcome to WOT Forum

    First, WOT is not solely used for identification of Spam/Phish/Malware; it is a website reputation tool based upon user's experiences. Coincidentally a spam, Phishing, or Malware site would not present a comfortable user experience, so they are rated appropriately. Ratings are private and done by secret ballot - I do not know which sites you've rated or how and you do not know of mine. Comments are a means to express an opinion, they do not necessarily reflect how the person leaving the comment rated the website and they certainly have no effect on the website's rating. With that said...

    Many online advertising servers get a bad reputation because they leniently accept "clients" for the sole purpose of increasing their revenue. As long as the client pays for the allocation; who cares what is advertised. So people will associate the ad server as being in cahoots with the product delivered in the ad. The other thing that gets as servers into the poor reputation ratings is how they serve their ads. Pop-up, pop-under, redirect... it's all very annoying.

    Legitimate advertisers cannot be prevented from advertising, by law.
    Exactly which law would this be and what is the geographical jurisdiction? The Internet is global for example, you are posting on a forum whose controlling company is located in Finland

    Advertisers may have a right to advertise, but the advertisement has no right to issue a new window, force a user to enable JavaScript or other non-essential web-ware, require/request any form of PII even if it's just a simple email address (because the user's IP combined with an email address constitutes PII)

    I personally have never rated zedo.com or any of it's sub domains or IPs that I am aware of. Checking Spam lists, I do not find references for: zedo.com, gandolf.zedo.com or; though Zedo has shifted most all of it's MX to point to Google mail servers.

    Zedo's reputation appears to be based by people having experience of it's advertising methods...

    • User picture
      • ░▒▓█ on Fri 29 Jan 2010
      • 10:59:35 PM UTC

      I think most of the concern

      I think most of the concern I have seen is about tracking cookies.
      Many antimalware products, even those from "legitimate" vendors flag up tracking cookies in a way that many users confuse for viruses. Then they post that zedo or doubleclick or yieldmanager has given them a virus which leads to a false understanding.

      Perhaps zedo.com has had problems in the past, but I think all ad networks have. It does not seem to be an evil network.

  7. User picture
    • dogg4fun on Thu 13 Jun 2013
    • 12:47:48 AM UTC

    RE: Zedo is not spyware or malware

    Zedo is malware. Any program put on a computer without the knowledge of the owner is malware, spyware, or a virus. No exceptions. I am a computer tech with my own company and 75 percent of the time I get a call about viruses it turns out to be a program of this type. Yes I know the definitions of malware, adware, and viruses. There are no explanations and no amount of fancy words can change that fact.

    • User picture
      • MysteryFCM on Thu 13 Jun 2013
      • 10:05:54 AM UTC

      RE: Zedo is not spyware or malware

      cookies != malware

      Unless you're talking about another "Zedo", you've misinformed - Zedo is an ad serving company, not software/malware.

      Regards Steven Burn I.T. Mate / hpHosts it-mate.co.uk / hosts-file.net

  8. User picture
    • alty69@hotmail.com on Sun 14 Jul 2013
    • 01:48:26 AM UTC

    Zedo is fr@@@ing virus

    A` bad malware-adware..Period

  9. User picture
    • piqure on Thu 17 Oct 2013
    • 03:14:07 PM UTC

    RE: Zedo is not spyware or malware

    Discovered my computer running slowly for no apparent reason. Had a look at my processes and found a browser process hogging memory and CPU. Closed browser tabs to find which tab was causing the problem was only to learn Zedo pop-unders I did not know had opened as the real culprit. Yes, Zedo is an advertising delivery company... with security low enough as to allow malicious packages to be delivered via their advertising system.

    Advertising companies such as Zedo falsely assume that you don't mind them using the computer, memory, storage, and connection that you pay for to deliver their "information" (most of which you do not want). Ethically it's the equivalent of writing the advertisements on the side of your car in shoe polish without your permission. Sure it's harmless and washes off, but completely discounts the fact it was done without permission or the time and effort you have to expend to wash it off. Personally I contacted the each of the clients Zedo generated a pop under for and advised them that I would never use their product again because of how Zedo does business and promised them that I share my experience with every person that will listen. Shut Zedo down, boycott their clients.

  10. User picture
    • Myxt on Sun 20 Oct 2013
    • 05:31:17 PM UTC

    RE: Zedo is not spyware or malware

    Hogging your computer resources does not require malware, just fat graphics files which are not optimized for the web, especially if they are animated. If you permit your computer to display web images, animations, and videos, then it will display Zedo's also.

    I am certainly no fan of Zedo, and it is one reason why "pop-up blockers" were invented for browsers. Turn yours on.

  11. User picture
    • Webtastic8 on Mon 25 Aug 2014
    • 01:06:30 AM UTC

    RE: Zedo is not spyware or malware

    Hardware: iPad 2
    software: iOS 7.1.2

    I was listening to online radio which was playing through an App in the background. When I went on Chrome iOS to visit Slashdot website, the audio was muted. This happens when Chrome tries to play a video or audio, so the background music is muted. Problem is, I didn't click on any add or button on the Slashdot website (classic.Slashdot.org). However what i did discover was the audio it was trying to play: c14.zedo.com/blank.mp4

    Is this an attack vector from Websitete Zedo? Playing a corrupted file on iOS device without user permission to gain root access?