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    • Satchman on Mon 08 Mar 2010
    • 08:00:39 PM UTC

    Be Aware of Virus Disgused As Failed Delivery Notice From UPS

    Dear WOT,

    There is some nasty malware being disguised as a UPS Failed package delivery notification message. The message basically says that a package that you sent, failed to reach its destination and you need to print out the following information and pick up the package personally at the local UPS office.

    The Zip file is the nasty Trojan that infects your machine! Make sure that you delete this message immediately and DO NOT OPEN IT! This is a very bad active virus. The major AV companies should protect you from this malware, But make sure that your AV definitions are up-to-date!

    Many people may be scammed by this virus, especially if they recently delt with a UPS transaction. This is a very good reason to use the tracking numbers routing system provided at UPS's webpage for best security.



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    • c۞g on Mon 08 Mar 2010
    • 08:47:17 PM UTC


    A SpamFighter link with other info
    (January, 2009)

    The .ZIP attachment is a rootkit/Trojan
    MD5: 6B4EF50E3E21205685CEA919EBF93476

    MD5: C65EBF59203CE3F05861398CC41A976A

    MD5: EF6FFCC71B81B53328B63985B20C3871


    July, 2008

    UPS - Protect Yourself Against Fraud
    for anyone who uses UPS they should read the content on this page and review the scam emails that have been currently reported to: fraud@ups.com
    WOT Services Ltd. - gives us safety through Web of Trust.
    WOT Community - gives us security through unity.
    Thank you all
    - G7W

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    • paulanstefanovic on Tue 09 Mar 2010
    • 05:04:19 PM UTC

    ups scam

    Thank you for this info, as I deal with all postal service's . this information is very useful. Thank's again.