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    • phantazm on Tue 16 Mar 2010
    • 02:10:24 PM UTC

    mywot.com is blocked by openDNS as "Phishing site"

    I just noticed that mywot.com is blocked by openDNS as "Phishing site"

    See for your self: http://phish.opendns.com/?url=mywot.com

    An obvious false positive, but how does such nonsens happen?
    Don't they have a whitelist?

    Here's the thread I started:

    How do we prevent this from happening again..?
    (and by the way it's not the first time)

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe. Languages: Danish, English (and a bit Norwegian and Swedish).


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    • Internetti (not verified) on Tue 16 Mar 2010
    • 02:13:58 PM UTC

    We already explained what

    We already explained what happened in the original thread. An arbitrary URL or text can be injected into the warning page of opendns. Please read the comments at http://www.mywot.com/scorecard/phish.opendns.co...

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    • TheAnon on Tue 16 Mar 2010
    • 03:26:53 PM UTC


    As Internetti sais. You can take every adress you like.
    For example:

    So as you can see thats "just" a technicla issue opendns has to solve

    Gold-Member of WOT-Community

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    • phantazm on Tue 16 Mar 2010
    • 10:23:08 PM UTC

    ok, you're right...

    I just tried myself: http://phish.opendns.com/?url=phantazm and was told I was a phishing site - which of course I'm not. But this shouldn't be possible at all; why is their input data so poorly validated? If they only receive nonsense, they should at least notify people; after all it could be a misspelling of something valid enough...

    Dante v3.11: "So as you can see thats "just" a technicla issue opendns has to solve"

    Yes, it looks so. Doesn't it..?

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    • phantazm on Tue 16 Mar 2010
    • 10:36:08 PM UTC

    By the way...

    By the way, my initial reaction was not "WTF!" but rather "Oh no, not again?", as WOT earlier has had this problem: http://www.mywot.com/forum/3107-opendns

    I therefore assumed that "gerry odea" had returned, but I was wrong. Sorry...

    Ok, back to real problems... ;-)

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    • c۞g on Tue 16 Mar 2010
    • 10:58:38 PM UTC

    re: OpenDNS

    I've never had OpenDNS block me from mywot.com.

    PhishTank was the cause from an unreliable submission?
    How could that be... not every site validated in PhishTank is blocked by OpenDNS, in fact, it's rare to get an OpenDNS Phish warning.

    Also, the PT submission (Nov 2009) references WOT scorecard for: thekensingtonbar.co.uk

    I see nothing wrong with that site except maybe how it's built, but that's a personal opinion and not something to base a rating from.

    The whois info for it matches both the sites address as well as references found in Google. Yet for some reason it has a red rating which I disagree with, so I give it Excellent across the board along with a comment
    WOT Services Ltd. - gives us safety through Web of Trust.
    WOT Community - gives us security through unity.
    Thank you all
    - G7W

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    • phantazm on Wed 17 Mar 2010
    • 08:23:14 PM UTC

    "mywot.com added to the global whitelist."

    Here's how it all ended:

    openDNS maintenance: "you have now gotten mywot.com
    added to the global whitelist.:bigsmile: So, just in case, you know?
    And sometimes tagging and flagging do go horribly wrong.
    edit: Oh, I laughed at that thread...
    And I see the history here: http://forums.opendns.com/comments.php?DiscussionI... Yeah, I remember him. Mr. Clever. "


    Good news, indeed! And thanks...

    So, my initial mistake wasn't totally a waste of time. In the end... ;-)

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    • TheAnon on Wed 17 Mar 2010
    • 12:07:52 PM UTC


    Thats a good point for WOT. added to the global whitelist will prevent getting this mess again.
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    • phantazm on Wed 17 Mar 2010
    • 08:35:03 PM UTC

    A final question...

    A final question we could contemplate, before we move further.

    Is this the really the only exeption, a single example, or WOT..?
    Are there other sites that also ought to whitelist WOT, but
    perhaps aren't aware of us at all, or not enough, not yet...?

    Could avoid some silly mistakes... ;-)

    Btw, is openDNS whitelisted by WOT..?

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      • c۞g on Thu 18 Mar 2010
      • 05:45:56 AM UTC

      WOT whitelist

      There is no such thing, white is not a color within WOT's schema
      There's red and green and shades in between.
      Looking at OpenDNS.com scorecard I don't think they have much to worry about. ;-)