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    • vipme on Wed 01 Jun 2016
    • 09:45:27 AM UTC


    Site URL: http://vipme.com
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    VIPme is a subsidiary of VIP.com, the largest flash sale online retailer in the world, listed on NYSE under VIPS. We are committed to providing quality fashion products at reasonable prices to discerning fashion customers.

    Our parent company VIP.com started its humble beginning in Fangcun, Guangzhou, China in 2008. From our early days, we have been building our business on the basis of flash sale. Fashion products are displayed on our website for sale for several days to up to two weeks. We have over 160 million registered members in China. Now we are welcoming customers in North America to join the party.

    Our flash sale business model turns runway fashion into your trendy wardrobe in no time. Our products are unique in design and reasonable in price. They range from fashion apparel, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, accessories, to small home products, and cool gadgets.

    VIPme.com is the best place to pamper a VIP fashionista like you.

    E-mail: care@vipme.com
    Address: Vipshop (US), Inc. 2550 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95134, USA

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    • Seaman77 on Wed 01 Jun 2016
    • 01:30:28 PM UTC

    RE: vipme.com

    На сайте присутствуют материалы, которые попадают под категорию 16+, я такой информации не увидел.
    Сайт не оценивал.

    Флот это сила

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    • inthewings on Fri 13 Oct 2017
    • 10:54:11 AM UTC

    RE: vipme.com

    Serious companies don't use spamming techniques. you're crap.