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    • yannfink on Wed 03 Aug 2016
    • 04:06:47 PM UTC


    Site URL: http://instantcard.net
    Scorecard: View scorecard

    Hi there!

    We run a small online business as a business bureau providing ID card solutions to many companies all over North America.

    One of our customers using our service, brought up our untrustworthy WOT rating concern to us and we immediately looked into why that was. After doing a little digging, it appears we were flagged as a phishing/malware website, which is inaccurate. We have had a few issues in the past with hackers/brute force attempts to insert malicious code on our website. The last occurence of this was back in 2014. We have since then done a lot of security improvements so this type of attack no longer happens.

    We use WordPress as our CMS and have since started using security services (cloudflare) and plugins (Vaultpress, iThemes Security)

    We would like our reputation on WOT changed to something that is more reflective and accurate to the type of business we run. We provide a great service and our customers love us! Here are the reviews of our actual paid customers:

    Thanks much and we hope this issue can be resolved!

    Have a great day,

    Has privacy policy?

    Has a way for users to contact site owners?

    Whois Information:

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    • milliem (not verified) on Thu 04 Aug 2016
    • 11:55:16 AM UTC

    RE: instantcard.net

    I've tested your website on several security websites and it came up clean each time which is good news. URL Query report here:


    There are no customer complaints that I can find and no sign of spamming.

    You have a comprehensive but concise Privacy Policy which I was impressed with.

    One minor point which won't affect my rating. The encryption is broken on the home page although, to be fair, it is secure on the registration pages. Apart from that your website looks fine to me.

    I have rated Instantcard.net as Trustworthy with a back-up comment.

  2. User picture
    • yannfink on Thu 04 Aug 2016
    • 04:10:22 PM UTC

    RE: instantcard.net

    Thank you very much Milliem for your review!

    We really appreciate any feedback or suggestions that will make us trustworthy so that all our users can feel safe while on our website and using our services.

    Hopefully we can get a couple more people to evaluate the site!

    Thanks again!

  3. User picture
    • drsumit on Thu 04 Aug 2016
    • 07:38:25 PM UTC

    RE: instantcard.net

    rated - safe site - no issues found

    WOT = (WE)B OF TRUST - The We Factor is what makes us unique - We are WOT

  4. User picture
    • yannfink on Thu 04 Aug 2016
    • 11:38:12 PM UTC

    RE: instantcard.net

    Thank you very much drsumit!

    I am glad to see that our site appears to be clean and safe for our users.

    How do we go about removing the phishing and malware tags that are associated with our website?

    Thanks again! :)

  5. User picture
    • drsumit on Fri 05 Aug 2016
    • 03:34:30 AM UTC

    RE: instantcard.net

    These tags will go away as more members rate your site positively.

    WOT = (WE)B OF TRUST - The We Factor is what makes us unique - We are WOT

  6. User picture
    • yannfink on Fri 05 Aug 2016
    • 05:25:10 PM UTC

    RE: instantcard.net

    Okay - great! Good to know.

    Thanks again everyone for rating the site :)

    Have a great day,

  7. User picture
    • NotBuyingIt on Mon 19 Jun 2017
    • 03:28:58 PM UTC

    RE: instantcard.net

    The malicious javascript file that I reported on 14-February-2014 (in another thread) has apparently been removed or disabled. I don't have any current information about any malicious files on the site and I hold no opinion regarding its safety. Therefore, I have updated my scorecard comment and have withdrawn any ratings which I may have previously submitted.

    Within about two days after a site evaluation is initiated, the WOT system should ordinarily notify everyone who has previously rated that website. Unfortunately, WOT has only today brought this evaluation to my attention.

     Data that is stored in the cloud may become lost in the fog.