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    • MagicDude4Eva on Tue 17 Aug 2010
    • 08:49:28 AM UTC

    TRUSTe.com - worth it?

    In addition to WOT, what other means are available to demonstrate to users that your online business can be trusted as well as improve customer confidence?

    We already have the WOT seal, had the privacy policy reviewed by a number of legal and technical people, implement HTTPS when exchanging PII/transactional information.

    I looked at TRUSTe.com again today - aside from displaying the seal, they assist you with the privacy policy (something we already have in a reasonably good shape), but what is your opinion in using TRUSTe - is it worth it or are there other ways to improve trust / reputation / buyer confidence?

    ---- Gerd Naschenweng, CTO - bidorbuy.co.za - Africa's largest online market-place


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    • mentalist3d on Tue 17 Aug 2010
    • 01:21:46 PM UTC


    I reckon for some people having a TRUSTe certificate will improve customer confidence and trust, but for myself personally having a TRUSTe certificate wouldn't influence me, as I prefer to do a search for feedback on a site, etc, Also there will be many users who aren't aware of TRUSTe or what they do, and will just see it as another logo on your site.

    I think it is a choice you have to make yourself, if you feel it will bring value and extra customers to your site and is worth the price, then go for it.

  2. User picture
    • SuperHero58 (not verified) on Tue 17 Aug 2010
    • 01:30:14 PM UTC

    TRUSTe.com - worth it?

    mentalist3d read my mind , though earlier today I began to disfavor it , when I found some trusted sites , that were wrongfully put in the trusted area .

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      • MagicDude4Eva on Tue 17 Aug 2010
      • 03:37:58 PM UTC

      Noticed it too

      Can't remember which site it was, but they had TRUSTe on their scorecard. I am not really in favor of plastering one's websites with all sorts of endorsement logos.

      I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with them and considering that WOT "endorses" TRUSTe, one would think that there is some value behind that - or?

      ---- Gerd Naschenweng, CTO - bidorbuy.co.za - Africa's largest online market-place

  3. User picture
    • BobJam (not verified) on Tue 17 Aug 2010
    • 03:37:44 PM UTC


    @ MagicDude4Eva,

    My sense is that savvy visitors may want to look further (like making sure the seal is authentic), but that casual visitors may take it at face value only.

    When certain people see "TRUSTe" they just assume that the seal is not only valid but that the site is trustworthy. No offense to WOT, but "TRUSTe" is probably more often seen as a sign of trustworthiness (I mean, a lot of people probably think "What the heck is 'WOT' ?")

    If you have a firm customer base that already trusts you, the addition of that seal is not likely to do anything more. OTOH, if you want to attract more customers, the TRUSTe seal may enhance that effort.

    So, the evaluation for you to make is "Is the cost of this thing justified by the results it might bring?" Essentially, I'm saying what others have said here: it's a marketing decision and it's your call.

    Personally, I might be inclined to do it if the cost/benefit ratio was favorable, but only you with your knowledge of your available customers can make that evaluation.

    • User picture
      • MagicDude4Eva on Tue 17 Aug 2010
      • 03:52:44 PM UTC

      Perhaps some merit

      @ BobJam - I agree with you. It perhaps has some merit for companies starting out, who don't have the proper privacy policies and terms & conditions in place - this is where I would see the most value coming from TRUSTe as they would assist you drafting those and reviewing them on a annual basis.

      We are already an established business (for over 10 years now) and as any business one looks at how to increase users and sales - we are pursuing other aspects which drive users to our site, but their tag-lines "Increase Sales with a TRUSTe privacy seal" makes one think?

      I also noticed their "industry-leading complaint-handling services" - I think if a site receives many complaints and needs someone like TRUSTe to resolve/arbitrate those issues, than that site is pretty much beyond help...

      ---- Gerd Naschenweng, CTO - bidorbuy.co.za - Africa's largest online market-place

  4. User picture
    • giedrius on Tue 17 Aug 2010
    • 03:57:25 PM UTC

    Had MyWot seal improved

    Had MyWot seal improved sales and by what %? Compare the data before and after seal implementation. Second similar seal will not help much more than a single valid seal of that type.

    Though, as it was stated by BobJam, TrustE is more known.

    You should look into other things to increase sales as well.