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    • Adèle Linkeo on Fri 31 Mar 2017
    • 03:17:16 PM UTC


    Site URL: http://linkeo.com
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    Since 2000, Linkeo has been a leader in digital marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses: website design, SEO, SEM, mobile app, photo and video services, and loyalty tools.
    With 23,000 clients, 600 employees, €40m in sales, Linkeo stands out due to consistent growth over the years, both in France and abroad.
    Our company has the recognition of industry professionals, having been certified Google Premier Partner.
    Our mission is to help entrepreneurs maximize the power of digital technology by combining technology with a human touch. To get there,
    we’re making digital marketing accessible to entrepreneurs through simple turnkey solutions.
    Founded by an entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs, Linkeo is committed to being a long-term partner to its clients, helping them use digital
    technology as a key driver for the success of their business.
    Therefore customer satisfaction is paramount to us.

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    • t- on Fri 31 Mar 2017
    • 11:19:07 PM UTC

    RE: linkeo.com


    Any comment on the negative comments currently on the scorecard?