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    • bara2.biz on Sat 17 Jun 2017
    • 04:26:22 PM UTC


    Site URL: http://bara2.name
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    how are you friends.
    We have not used this band for a long time bara2.name
    Today we used the domain to try a script.
    But we were surprised to note the bad evaluation of the range.
    Frankly, we do not know how it happened, what the reasons are, and no complaints have been made to us before.
    We had linked the domain with another site which is bara2.biz
    It was necessary to assess the extent to which users are directed to it, but it is strange that the domain has been classified as high risk.
    After testing ends on domain we redirected the domain to the bara2.biz domain as in the past but we are sure that the metering is still high risk.
    We are here to seek help from the community in improving the reputation of the domain.
    We offer web hosting services hosting dedicated servers hosting virtual servers domains and so on.
    thank you.

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