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    • angelo.fersh on Fri 11 Aug 2017
    • 06:37:13 PM UTC


    Site URL: http://somosdecarton.000webhostapp.com
    Scorecard: View scorecard

    "somos de carton" es un sitio de noticias de varios tipos, locales, nacionales, internacionales, etc... mi sitio esta alojado en 000webhost..

    Has privacy policy?

    Has a way for users to contact site owners?

    Whois Information:

    This post was generated automatically. All information is as entered by the site owner.


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    • NotBuyingIt on Sat 12 Aug 2017
    • 08:00:35 PM UTC

    RE: somosdecarton.000webhostapp.com

    @angelo.fersh, Welcome to the WOT users' community forums.

    Your website resolves to a sub-domain of 000webhostapp.com which has an unfavorable WOT reputation (WOT scorecard). Until a site like yours receives enough ratings for its own reputation, it "inherits" the reputation of its parent domain. As community members notice this site evaluation thread, they may contribute ratings which could significantly change your site's reputation for better or worse. Please continue to monitor this thread to respond to their questions and suggestions.

    You may wish to review information about the WOT reputation system in WOT's support section, including its FAQ. E.g.,
    I created a website on a free hosting service. Why does my site have a poor reputation even though I just created it? (Reputation inheritance)

     Data that is stored in the cloud may become lost in the fog.