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    • IT.Creations on Sat 12 Aug 2017
    • 05:15:40 PM UTC


    Site URL: http://thisguy1337.000webhostapp.com
    Scorecard: View scorecard

    My site is a collection of Torrent Freak News articles that creates a list highlighting the faults of the copyright industry. There is also a section of Movie Documentary with links that point to legal youtube videos.

    Accepting donations is not a phishing tactic.
    For a site that's build sololy on HTML+CSS with no tracking in mind. The MyWOTT service did a great job tagging the site as :

    Misleading claims or unethical
    Malware or viruses

    Has privacy policy?
    No: I do not use any tracking cookies or collect any information, the youtube videos use privacy enhanced versions.

    Has a way for users to contact site owners?
    No: My site is pure HTML & CSS. and I don't provide any services.

    Whois Information:

    This post was generated automatically. All information is as entered by the site owner.


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    • IT.Creations on Sat 12 Aug 2017
    • 05:31:33 PM UTC

    RE: thisguy1337.000webhostapp.com

    And let me elaborate. I'm not going for a perfect rating or a removal of all the items like 'Misleading claims or unethical' as I can understand visitors may not agree with my viewpoints.

    But I'm just rather curious to if these MyWOT ratings are based on sole opinions of the website by it's 'trusted' members or if these claims are based off of anything factual.

    If the claims is factual, I would love to be pointed out the questionable material that could be considered:
    'Scam, Malware or viruses, and Phishing'

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    • NotBuyingIt on Sat 12 Aug 2017
    • 05:58:17 PM UTC

    RE: thisguy1337.000webhostapp.com

    Originally posted by: IT.Creations
    But I'm just rather curious to if these MyWOT ratings are based on sole opinions of the website by it's 'trusted' members or if these claims are based off of anything factual.
    @IT.Creations, Welcome to the WOT users' community forums.

    Your website resolves to a sub-domain of 000webhostapp.com which has an unfavorable WOT reputation (WOT scorecard). Until a site like yours receives enough ratings for its own reputation, it "inherits" the reputation of its parent domain. As community members notice this site evaluation thread, they may contribute ratings which could significantly change your site's reputation for better or worse. Please continue to monitor this thread to respond to their questions and suggestions.

    You may wish to review information about the WOT reputation system in WOT's support section, including its FAQ. E.g.,
    I created a website on a free hosting service. Why does my site have a poor reputation even though I just created it? (Reputation inheritance)

     Data that is stored in the cloud may become lost in the fog.

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    • NotBuyingIt (Moderator) on Sun 13 Aug 2017
    • 04:28:44 PM UTC

    RE: thisguy1337.000webhostapp.com

    Originally posted by: IT.Creations
    It turns out that even though the site wasn't even 24 hours old, someone managed to disagreed with it reported to 000webhost. So it's currently in sleeping status while it is pending evaluation by the 000webhost staff.

    I'm expecting it to be republished shortly as there wasn't anything illegal or unlawful on the site. Just a collection of TorrentFreak News articles and YouTube links and a bunch of text that is bound to make those who may be mentally unstable throw a rage.

    In the mean time, here's the secondary address of the identical site in case anyone would like to review or attack it as well.

    You are not permitted to post "live links" (fully qualified URLs) in the WOT forums. Please change the URL protocol from "http" to "hxxp", as I have demonstrated in the above quotation, when you post a link. For details and further instructions, see the WOT forum guidelines at

    Please carefully review all of the guidelines (under all three tabs) before you post again.

     Data that is stored in the cloud may become lost in the fog.

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    • IT.Creations on Sun 13 Aug 2017
    • 04:56:04 PM UTC

    RE: thisguy1337.000webhostapp.com

    Understood, still quite new here so that won't happen again.
    Thanks for the kind warning.

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    • Myxt on Sun 13 Aug 2017
    • 11:21:05 PM UTC

    RE: thisguy1337.000webhostapp.com

    Although the rating category "Opinions, religion, politics" is a given, and "Misleading claims or unethical" is plausible depending on one's mores, the subject site is not designed for theft, so it's not a "Scam", it doesn't pretend to be Facebook or PayPal, so it's not "Phishing", and >100 security vendors demonstrate that the category "Malware or viruses" is hogwash.

    By the way, IT.Creations:

    Your site's chronology is narrowly aimed at two mutually antagonistic minorities most likely to understand your confrontational content, yet here at WoT you wish to appeal to a much larger public least likely to understand or even care.

    Were I on a similar quest, I would hone the grammar in that content, and I would provide supplementary links to similar articles on other authoritative sites to substantiate the articles at TorrentFreak, and I would explain a bit more rather than relying solely on bitter punchlines. Otherwise I, the majority viewer, get the strong impression of bias or even fabrication by a one-source groupie, and then make a negative snap-judgement about your cause - reinforced by the skull thingy and the word "Manifesto" which always gets bad press - and then abandon your site with a bad taste in my mouth which I am bound to apply to the next such content without even reading it - because now I think I "know" things.

    I am talking about SEO. One of the minorities you are trying to impress already feels your pain - what you teach, they already know. The other minority is duty-bound to misunderstand - your punch-lines are punching a brick wall, so you remain in one corner and they in the opposite, and neither gains broader views. This is the Internet; your site is visible to the world. If you write for the world, they and you will understand more.

    And maybe research your next host, to see if it's already trusted, before you create v2.

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    • Kraftwerk on Mon 14 Aug 2017
    • 01:32:06 PM UTC

    RE: thisguy1337.000webhostapp.com

    This request is useless since the site is down

    Blueberry Cake Level Member of the WOT Community

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    • IT.Creations on Mon 14 Aug 2017
    • 03:56:14 PM UTC

    RE: thisguy1337.000webhostapp.com

    Thanks for the suggestions and I'm going to work on improving the LEGAL content.

    Regardless, 000webhost decided to not check each link for anything illicit and terminated the account since it was a free tier.
    I'm more or less proving a personal assumption that even though such a site that doesn't use cookies, tracking features, or have any unlawful content would receive so many instant attempts of removal based on one's opinion.

    I haven't given up, while the 000webhost is gone, I've moved the site to more decentralized & resilient hosting methods with a simple forwarding domain

    thisguy1337.info (just because I know enforcers are having fun removing lawful content)

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    • shazza (Moderator) on Mon 14 Aug 2017
    • 04:25:04 PM UTC

    RE: thisguy1337.000webhostapp.com

    As this has been terminated there is no point to continue with this evaluation.
    If you would like to discuss any of your other sites please request new evaluations.