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    • morphx99mq on Mon 09 Oct 2017
    • 04:51:02 AM UTC


    Site URL: http://anixas.com
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    My website deals with all kinds of ways to market on the internet. These include; listbuilding, traffic exchanges, safelists, mailers, and more. I display a wide range of ads that are affiliate links. I also clearly explain what that means in more than one place on the site. The website is information rich on these subjects. All information has been written by the site owner. This should give visitors a good knowledge about all of the different types of advertising that are written about and displayed on the website. There is no charge or membership required to view the website and learn the information. We do not even ask for an email address. Some people think that all of these forms of advertising are scams. We totally disagree with that statement. Any site linked to or listed on anixas.com has been personally used and tested by the site owner to insure that it is legitimate.

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    experimental musician , internet marketer, pc tech