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    • Sbenny1 on Thu 16 Nov 2017
    • 12:06:05 PM UTC


    Site URL: http://sbenny.com
    Scorecard: View scorecard

    Great collection of free apps and games for Android devices (Smartphones, Tablets but also Android Emulators) and big support community located at sbenny.com/forums/ with topics not only limited to Android, but also iOS, Computers, Consoles, Graphics, Movies, Music and much more . We run this site since 2014 and we've seen huge improvements in these three years, with an incredredible interest from users about our website.

    Has privacy policy?

    Has a way for users to contact site owners?

    Whois Information:

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    • Sbenny1 on Thu 16 Nov 2017
    • 06:55:01 PM UTC

    RE: sbenny.com

    I would like to specify the url is https, not http, but anyways you'll always get redirected to the safe encrypted site (SSL). Thank you.

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    • A440 on Fri 17 Nov 2017
    • 04:38:30 AM UTC

    RE: sbenny.com

    Hello and welcome to WOT.

    First, your version of Joomla is out of date (ver. 3.7.1 is the latest)
    Please update that and I will continue my review of your site.

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    • Sbenny1 on Thu 30 Nov 2017
    • 11:14:08 PM UTC

    RE: sbenny.com

    Hello A440, thank you for your reply. Our script is a custom modification of joomla, which is updated manually from our team of developers, this is the reason you see the official version out of date, while it's instead customly and constantly updated. If we updated the original version of joomla, we'd lose all our custom script modifications and improvements we applied.

    Thank you

  4. User picture
    • A440 on Fri 01 Dec 2017
    • 07:34:16 AM UTC

    RE: sbenny.com

    Okay, thank you for that information.
    The site appears to be safe though, as pointed out in your disclaimer, some of the off-site links might be dodgy. Caveat Emptor.


  5. User picture
    • Site-rater on Sat 02 Dec 2017
    • 11:40:12 PM UTC

    RE: sbenny.com

    Originally posted by: A440
    Okay, thank you for that information.
    The site appears to be safe though, as pointed out in your disclaimer, some of the off-site links might be dodgy. Caveat Emptor.


    I would like to disagree; the site is offering commercial paid apps for free, thus violating copyright law.

  6. User picture
    • A440 on Sun 03 Dec 2017
    • 02:03:05 AM UTC

    RE: sbenny.com

    Originally posted by: Site-rater
    I would like to disagree; the site is offering commercial paid apps for free, thus violating copyright law.

    Thank you "site-rater". I did not catch that. Noted and adjusted.
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    • Sbenny1 on Mon 04 Dec 2017
    • 04:19:21 PM UTC

    RE: sbenny.com

    Our site offers links to the original source of the apps too, marked as [Google Play] in every article of the blog. But I would also like you to consider the site is not only a blog, we also have the forum which is a separated part of it where we discuss and talk about many different topics. This is the reason I don't find fair to evaluate a website only in a small percentage of it, and not in its completeness. Also, as A440 wrote, we clearly say in the disclaimer that we're not responsible for external links, and, if any copyright infringements, the owners can clearly report the files to both us or the file hosting site, which shouldn't be the reason to say we offer copyrighted material as we actually review games and provide links to the official sources (Google Play Store) in each of our articles, and the forum hasn't been reviewed at all, even though it's the most active part of the site.

    Last but not least, I don't understand the reasons behind three dislikes to a genuine review which explains the creation of the site and its features, as it didn't include any offensive content nor false statements.

  8. User picture
    • Site-rater on Mon 04 Dec 2017
    • 04:55:22 PM UTC

    RE: sbenny.com

    Hi. As a webmaster, you are responsible for the links you post. If you have searchable results for say free copies of Grand Theft Auto (a series of commercial, paid video games) then you are engaged in copyright infringement hence the Potentially illegal tag.

  9. User picture
    • Sbenny1 on Tue 05 Dec 2017
    • 12:53:23 PM UTC

    RE: sbenny.com

    Sure, I agree on this, and it's the reason we're ready to immediately take care of every reports made by developers as we always did, every day 24/7. Since we do collect and a review many apps every day, it happens that we do also might include paid apps, which we immediately take care of and delete if reported, I didn't want to sound like I was declining my responsibilities, I just wanted to point that the fact we share a link doesn't mean it'll always redirect to the file, as it might have been already deleted and it's somehow out of our control.

    I can only say that, on our side, we do our best to provide a good and safe service to our users, which is the reasons I politely decided to submit sbenny.com here on mywot.com which should rate a website based and say if it's "safe" or "unsafe" to browse it. We didn't have any malwares nor pop-ads nor false information on our site, this is the reason I was thinking we didn't deserve to receive a negative feedback for all the work we do as a community and the support we offer as staff at the forum, admitting also we do take care of reports by developers (but also by users who think we should remove/add something, to improve and provide an even better service). Plus, we're also hosted on a dedicated and protected server, to make sure our users gets only the best from us.

    Now, if you think I'm wrong, please go on and let me know where you think I failed at, but I didn't honestly think I would have received negative feedbacks. I was probably used to receive the gratitude from my users too much to think that you would have understood how our support and service really works, and find the difference between a spam site and who actively fight to provide a safer and better alternative to the world.

    I still thank you for the time and the replies in this topic.