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  1. User picture
    • Captain Obvious on Sat 12 Feb 2011
    • 03:14:31 AM UTC

    Worst Shock Sites?

    Just wondering, what's the most offensive shock site or video you have ever had the displeasure of seeing. For me it was Mr. Hands and swap.avi. No, I will not elaborate on it.

    The earth is round, the sky is blue, and I'll be arriving to save you.


  1. User picture
    • Anonymous on Sat 12 Feb 2011
    • 12:15:47 PM UTC

    RE: Worst Shock Sites?

    I cannot stand Zoophillia or Bestiality sites.A human may have choices.Animals do not.I rate Zoophillia sites Red in all categories but rate Porn adult only.Has presumably all porn sites are Consenting Adults.

    And no Shaggy Dog Stories replies.

  2. User picture
    • i☆ on Sat 12 Feb 2011
    • 12:32:22 PM UTC

    RE: Worst Shock Sites?

    There are some disgusting PSAs to "encourage people" to quit smoking. They showed a surgeon operating on a heart, and it was pretty bad.

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  3. User picture
    • IssViews (not verified) on Sat 12 Feb 2011
    • 01:02:21 PM UTC

    RE: Worst Shock Sites?

    For me it is anything released by the Government. ;)