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How often do you run a virus scan on your computer?

Every day
23% (127 votes)
Every few days
15% (81 votes)
Once a week
21% (116 votes)
Whenever I happen to think about it
20% (109 votes)
Never, because I don't need to
8% (42 votes)
I have it automatically scheduled so I don't think about it
15% (83 votes)
Total votes: 558


  1. User picture
    • Client on Fri 19 Sep 2008
    • 12:26:51 PM UTC

    Scanning my laptop

    I scan my laptop everyday to make sure im free from viruses, worms, trojans. I scan my computer with ******. It's the best Anti-virus!!! MyWot please continue to keep us safe from unwanted infections.

  2. User picture
    • yalus on Fri 19 Sep 2008
    • 02:11:50 PM UTC



  3. User picture
    • Jared Gray on Fri 19 Sep 2008
    • 09:23:22 PM UTC

    Clamwin Free Antivirus - Autoscheduled..

    I really don't think about it.. My computers windows partitions are all encrypted.. Including laptop.. OpenDNS in use... Windows firewalls only.. I don't use any suites of AV stuff.. CCleaner... Spybot S&D.... Hostsman... and PeerGuardian 2.... Setup runs well..

    Jared Gray

  4. User picture
    • Mozilla user on Sat 20 Sep 2008
    • 12:43:57 AM UTC

    I do scan it mostly every two days since I have multiple securit

    I have multiple security services and they all have real time shield so i scan my PC every two to three days since I got a lot of files and I spend specific hours on it and the Scannings take long in my "filled with data PC" I have multiple services because the opinion of one never matches that of many togueter so I try some of them and evaluate my security opinions. I have Kaspersky Internet Security, Windows Defender and Threat Fire antivirus for my PC's system. On Browser security I have Internet Explorer 8 and Mozilla FireFox with their cookie, pop up and phishing filters active. IE8 Has Wot, McAffee siteadvisor and Kaspersky browser addons while FireFox has Wot,McAfee siteadvisor and Phishtank addons. I also have the Opera browser but it seems not much security advisors are available for it but it has it's cookie and pop up filters active.
    Lastly for tuneup, I have Defragler and Ccleaner from piriform, these two work great.

    Here to make life better on any browser

  5. User picture
    • Security_Wiz on Sat 20 Sep 2008
    • 12:48:21 AM UTC

    Once a week

    I scan parts of my computer once a week, and the whole computer at least once a month. However, I don't really need to. I'm using a PPC Mac 10.4.11 with Safari, Firefox, and Camino and my default Mac firewall on with everything updated. I have NAV 11.0.1 with Auto-Protect and Vulnerability Protection on.

    Macs do not really have anything like Avast! or AVG, but they do have two free AV's. The popular but old ClamXav 1.1.1 and the new and unpopular iAntivirus 1.0 Beta 3 by PC Tools. There's also Intego VBX5, Disinfectant (OS 6-8), Agax 1.3 (OS), MacScan, Virex/Virusscan, Sophos AntiVirus, and ProtectMac.

  6. User picture
    • singer chic on Thu 04 Jun 2009
    • 11:54:25 PM UTC

    once everyday

    I scan with Avast once everyday to keep my computer clean. You can't be too careful!

  7. User picture
    • rubiin on Sat 20 Sep 2008
    • 09:05:11 PM UTC


    I use GNU/linux so I don't have to worry about that... when i used windows I scanned once a week.

  8. User picture
    • Roguewolf55 on Wed 23 Sep 2009
    • 03:52:14 PM UTC

    virus scans

    Now,I use Malwarebytes and Advanced spyware remover. Anti-virus is Avast free,depend on it to keep me safe. Scan daily.

  9. User picture
    • witchman on Sun 21 Sep 2008
    • 06:36:29 PM UTC


    ESET NOD32 Antywirus, cichy, działający w tle program. Serdecznie go polecam. Jest bardzo zaawansowany technologicznie. Na prawdę warto.

  10. User picture
    • nazri14 on Mon 22 Sep 2008
    • 02:55:10 AM UTC

    once a week...

    well...once a week will sufficient,unless hardcore internet users would be better if daily scan...

  11. User picture
    • JTB on Mon 22 Sep 2008
    • 07:22:17 AM UTC

    Not a big problem

    I use Ubuntu so i don't think about virus to much.
    Rootkit hunters i run ones i week or if i download something from a not (for me) trusted source.


  12. User picture
    • Ryojo on Mon 22 Sep 2008
    • 07:29:10 PM UTC


    I scan my computer every few days. but every time I scan my computer, it is a complete, very thorough scan with Avast!, one of the best Anti Virus programs I've seen.
    My Youtube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/Draguinii

  13. User picture
    • Xp54321 on Tue 23 Sep 2008
    • 02:07:08 AM UTC


    I'm not an idiot when it comes to security(Unlike some people with 1000+ viruses on the computer etc). I'm very careful with what I do on the computer and WOT makes that so much easier! :D I use Panda Pro 2009 Antivirus which I find to be quite good(It's blocked all sorts of stuff). However if you're used to standard anitviruses, I'd recommend AVG. It's the best but Panda uses the least resources. :P

  14. User picture
    • ralphie vasquez on Tue 23 Sep 2008
    • 09:08:25 PM UTC

    back in August of 08...

    While I was on line I was scammed! I feel for the false virus attack. It seemed real. Because just 8 months prior my PC experienced a horrible virus invasion, which caused my entire system to crash. So when this scam happened, it seemed to be like the real one. It had all the right signs, messages, etc. Fortunately, I had the common sense to unplug the extension to my module from my computer's working station. I feared Identity Theft. Long story short...
    No personal information was retrieved. I was relieved.
    Now I thought I had protection on my PC but I didn't. It had expired. It was only on trial basis and I was not informed. This time my technician, explained to me what they did, why, and preventative measures.
    So now I clean my computer daily. I don't put it on a schedule to get done on its own, I want to ensure that it is done and not second guess. I don't know about you but I want to keep my P ID to me.
    And AVG is really good. But I was informed by a friend to get Firefox and wot and I should have no problems. And my friend was right. It's only been a few days since I have been with Firefox and WOT but my systems run so smoothly now and fast.
    Before installation of Firefox to my PC I thought it was ready to go down again.
    Thanks WOT and Firefox.
    Good Bye, Internet Explorer...The online experiences continue.....

  15. User picture
    • lozcrouch on Tue 23 Sep 2008
    • 09:10:45 PM UTC

    whats best security

    Whats the best security stuff to use at the moment i have avg and im not sure what i can use lookin for good firewall and anti virus send email to loz-crouch@hotmail.co.uk this is usefull as it helps me to not go on bad websites any ideas people

  16. User picture
    • noticed on Wed 24 Sep 2008
    • 12:00:47 AM UTC


    with multiple virus software

  17. User picture
    • auld_yin on Thu 25 Sep 2008
    • 03:13:20 AM UTC

    virus scanning

    After being caught out once before I have various real time security options running plus my Internet Security Suite.

  18. User picture
    • Curious on Thu 25 Sep 2008
    • 07:11:10 PM UTC


    I answered :I have it automatically scheduled so I don't think about it. But, when I was starting on my very first computer, I encrypted all the files, and installed Kaspersky, on my next computer BitDefender, and now I am using Avira Anti-virus. Those are a phew very good Anti-Viruses, and you all could use them. If you don`t want to spend money on Anti-viruses, there is always a free version. And of course, you need to have Internet security with you Anti-virus too, if you don`t you can download it from the Internet. You need to have some programs that are refreshing your computer like Glary Utilities, or TuneUp Utilities 2008. And remember: If you want to have a computer, the first thing is SECURITY!
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Surf Safe.

  19. User picture
    • zerotiu on Fri 26 Sep 2008
    • 08:42:35 AM UTC

    I'm using a mac, there's no

    I'm using a mac, there's no need to scan

  20. User picture
    • catchyanow on Mon 27 Oct 2008
    • 10:11:47 PM UTC


    AVG free or Kaspersky are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!