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Where do you go to find the most reliable, objective news source?

Network television
7% (20 votes)
Cable television
11% (30 votes)
World Wide Web
55% (148 votes)
13% (35 votes)
Talk radio
2% (6 votes)
Public radio
5% (14 votes)
5% (14 votes)
Total votes: 267


  1. User picture
    • Dan-hargreaves on Fri 30 Oct 2009
    • 07:26:23 PM UTC


    looking at the votes recorded.... (all 10)

    Newspaper is dead... the web is the only way!

    • User picture
      • Orlando Bloom on Fri 26 Apr 2013
      • 07:55:27 AM UTC

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  2. User picture
    • The Big Bin on Fri 30 Oct 2009
    • 08:56:52 PM UTC

    Public radio

    I get the most reliable news from an independent neutral news channel on the public radio every morning. Newspapers always comment and never are completely netrual; and TV sucks.

    So for me it would be the public radio. Why are you asking - are you going to advertise?

    Per aspera ad astra

    • User picture
      • Deborah S. on Sat 31 Oct 2009
      • 06:30:18 PM UTC

      Just curious, that's all.

      Just curious, that's all. Coming up with weekly poll questions allows me to ask all kinds of things, and I try to make it somehow related to the Internet most of the time. If you have any ideas about future poll questions, please let me know.

  3. User picture
    • ADMIRAL55 on Fri 30 Oct 2009
    • 10:19:24 PM UTC


    Well,I read from the online newspapers most realiable and free on the internet.Sometimes I watch news from TV aswell.Actualy,there are many reliable news sources,but we can't read from all of them.

  4. User picture
    • yoongwaichong on Sat 31 Oct 2009
    • 09:25:21 AM UTC


    Most Malaysians prefer to read news on the Internet. Why? It is because companies such as Malaysiakini digs up ALL, yes I meant ALL the government's dirty and bad plans. Some writers of Malaysiakini also got arrested too.

    Yoong Wai

  5. User picture
    • overlandpark4me on Sat 31 Oct 2009
    • 06:12:28 PM UTC

    Watch CNN and Fox

    Left of center and right of center. MSNBC is a joke and nobody watches those losers anyway. CNN too, but at least they haven't completely lost their minds. NPR is a left wing joke that wouldn't exist if it wasn't given welfare to stay on the air.. Pew Research rates Fox as the fairest, unless you a far end whack job and want all extreme all of the time. Saying MSNBC is fair would be akin to saying The National Review mag isn't one sided. Ratings tell all.

  6. User picture
    • Anonymous on Sat 31 Oct 2009
    • 07:19:47 PM UTC

    I prefer...

    ....The Internet ;)

  7. User picture
    • stziggy on Sun 01 Nov 2009
    • 08:57:28 AM UTC

    Cable news can't be trusted

    Fox News and MSNBC are more about entertaining the left and right than they are about quality journalism. You can't take Fox News seriously when one of their hosts (Glenn Beck) calls the president a racist and the network does nothing about it. Keith Olbermann is funny, but I don't look to him for serious journalism. Poor CNN tries (with the exception of Lou Dobbs) to be unbiased, What do they get? Fourth place in the ratings. We Americans want our news to be entertaining with a little information thrown in.

  8. User picture
    • The Big Bin on Sun 01 Nov 2009
    • 10:17:54 AM UTC


    Internet's too slow out in the country. Even YouTube has to be planned long before so it can load^^

    Per aspera ad astra

  9. User picture
    • jzheng7 on Sun 01 Nov 2009
    • 03:26:03 PM UTC


    The internet is fast and you can access it whenever you want, but I can only find trusted sites (such as CNN) to give the most reliable information.

    • User picture
      • The Big Bin on Sun 01 Nov 2009
      • 06:00:16 PM UTC

      Re: Internet

      The internet is fast

      Well, for you it is :P

      Per aspera ad astra

  10. User picture
    • jemma1487 on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 05:45:27 PM UTC

    Never do I watch or buy into Propaganda!

    Internet is the way, News on TV and in the paper can be everso biased, and is full of propaganda.

    Independant Media is the way forward, small companies, with no big co-oporations running them, or government controlled media.

  11. User picture
    • Issaland on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 11:36:45 PM UTC

    From www, of course!

    Newspapers are so dirty. Literally dirty ;)

  12. User picture
    • The Big Bin on Wed 04 Nov 2009
    • 07:56:40 AM UTC


    We ARE in the www. If we survey newspaper readers or radio listeners or TV watchers we'd probably get a much different result. :^)

    Per aspera ad astra

  13. User picture
    • RayQuang on Wed 04 Nov 2009
    • 07:42:13 PM UTC


    Last time I checked, the BBC is supposedly the best source for unbiased news (And no, I'm not British)
    Anyways, it seems that *the internet is controlling our lives*!

  14. User picture
    • iamthemoon on Wed 04 Nov 2009
    • 07:55:00 PM UTC


    the bbc rocks. and; excuse me, but, reliable objective news on the internet??? ok...

    Edit: closed an em tag -- Sami

    • User picture
      • The Big Bin on Wed 04 Nov 2009
      • 08:13:32 PM UTC


      Good one!

      Btw, it seems we have a typical HTML tag glitch: Apparently the cite tag wasn't closed in your post, so the reply button below it is in italics as well, if you click it the entire form is in italics...

      edit: It seems also my post and anything below is in italics too.

      Per aspera ad astra

  15. User picture
    • JulieA2012 on Fri 01 Mar 2013
    • 05:01:26 PM UTC

    RE: Where do you go to find the most reliable, objective news so

    I thought of a new answer-God, or my dad.LOL

  16. User picture
    • john clements on Fri 18 Oct 2013
    • 12:31:38 PM UTC

    RE: Where do you go to find the most reliable, objective news so

    Great question. My two cents.......I do in fact research such things, and IMO, have recently settled on 2 primary sources for daily news. I prefer Reuters and/or Dallas Morning News.......to keep the flamethrowers down, key here is IMO.