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Quotes from users

Here is a collection of emails and comments from WOT users:

"I want to thank everyone associated with the development of WOT. This program has saved my computer many times. It worked on sites that I neverwould have dreamed of having any problem. Again thank you.” October 21, 2009

"Mi experiencia con Wot es uy buena, me ha ayudado a distinguir en donde me meto. Gracias" September 15, 2009

"adorei e o mais imprecionante ele marca o site confialvel sim ou nao muito bem bolado pode conta com minha ajuda pos irei passa pra todos os meu colegas" September 6, 2009

"dzikuje za pomoc i bardzo sie ciesze ze jest cos co zalatwi sprawe z tymi wirusami wielekie dziki pozdrawiam komis Gliwice" September 4, 2009

"Thank you. Ever since I first began using WOT I will NOT surf without it. In fact, I came across a site yesterday that was very intrusive. I had to report the site to authorities. But thanks again. I just wanted to let you know that WOT is very trustworthy." August 5, 2009

"Just want to thank you for running WOT, I find it really useful to see rates when I Google something, or looking for downloads, and also it has just stopped an odd pop-up ad in disturbing me. Keep it goin! :)" July 30, 2009

"Thank you very, very much for this wonderful product. Many greetings out of Germany!" January 27, 2009

"I really appreciate your site and I have been suggesting it to all my friends and have put links on all of the websites I manage to your site and suggest people download and sign-up for WOT. And I suggest that not only do they sign up but that they also contribute and add their own ratings and comments. I believe that the more ratings and comments that are added the better it is for everyone...those who are good as well as those who are not. Again, thank you for your service to the Internet browsing public around the globe." January 19, 2009