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ProagrassivSat Jan 17 1970
Best page on the internet to watch Anime ! They upload everything so unbelievable fast !!! Edit: too much annoying ads
jpotatotlsdSat Jan 17 1970
Pour moi c'est le meilleur site pour regarder des animes le plus tôt possible ;3 Bien sûr en VOSTA, mais si on a pas de problèmes particuliers en anglais tout va bien, sa m'aide même à continuer mon apprentissage de l'anglais et de découvrir le japonais ^o^
For some videos, there are annoying ads that appear on the video after the page loads. These ads manage to bypass Adblock and if you click on "Close Ad," you will be redirected to, which is blacklisted by HpHosts (Malwarebytes) for being used for advert or tracking purposes. Despite this annoying setback, this site does have a vast library of free, popular, and HD anime.
This is a great site to watch most anime in Japanese and/or English. Note that if you don't have Ad Block Plus, annoying ads will get in the way. Ad Block Plus. Don't leave home without it. Very useful, especially on websites like this that have annoying video ads and other crap.

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