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BanBogusNewsThu Jan 15 1970
BestBuy is a rip-off store. Overcharging for electronics you can buy elsewhere for much less. Only gullible shoppers prefer BestBuy.
QuestwizardThu Jan 15 1970
Easily the slowest shipper I have ever seen. Customer service is either hit or miss. Some know what they're doing, others are completely useless. Ordered 3 items on Cyber Monday, and the first person I talked with said they had all been shipped already, although the tracking said otherwise. The two tracking numbers they gave me for the first two items failed to work until days later (this morning). My third item has yet to leave and could be up to another week before it gets anywhere, despite them saying orders are normally always fulfilled within 0-1 days. That's just insane. They also ship every item in a separate package, which is downright stupid, considering the first two items shipped from the same location according to both tracking sites. Wouldn't recommend ordering online for shipping unless you plan on waiting forever for your items to arrive. Its especially bad considering they're taking this long to get from CA to AZ where I live. I could have ordered something from another country and had it shipped here faster than Best Buy can ship items, and even done it much closer to Christmas than I did with this order.
skaskankerbrThu Jan 15 1970
overpriced unknowledgeable college drop outs that follow you around trying to sell you the 3000$ tv you saw on amazon for 500$. (they do get commissions BTW they lie!)
Prices are almost twice as high as its not talked about competitor. BestBuy didn't honor my VALID warranty on my computer nor did I ever get my $50 rebate.
antonio riveraThu Jan 15 1970
nice site prices could be better
silentwalkerThu Jan 15 1970
Best Buy is no longer the best buy, Amazon is much better service
Bought a pen tablet. It took more than 10 days before I could get the item as compared to what they have promised of 3-4 business days. If the item is not available in your store just go to other Best buy outlets. Limited options on return policy when it comes to online purchase.
FracturedPennyThu Jan 15 1970
Pretty good, there are some shipping issues to be aware of. 4/5 stars.
Official site of BestBuy consumer electronics store. I had ordered many electronics here and never had any significant problems.
best place for all kinds of computers, games, music, t.v. stuff, etc

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