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Site Content actively promotes communal hate and violence against minority groups in India. Please refrain from visiting this site to denounce immaturity and negligence to learn from genocides and murders of communities torn apart because of ideas promoted by this site.
Communal problem is the side effect. But LET THE "TRUTH" PREVAIL
Van LustigThu Jan 15 1970
Hmm I wonder why some people gave it a negative rating. This site provides useful information for what Christian missionaries are doing in India and have done around the world for centuries.
terrorist sponsored site
truthseeker1Fri Jan 16 1970
Many accusations, assumptions ,opinions, and exaggerations, but short of facts to back them up.
A clearing house for useful information.
Nice information TRUE very TRUE Must Read
calvinadamFri Jan 16 1970
This website spreads bad and untruthful contents about Christian minorities in India. These information are all false and lies.
rriverstoneFri Jan 16 1970
If you are into forcing people in pain to suffer and die of preventable illnesses, taking large groups of poverty tourists through a dismal hell hole to watch victims languish on floors without medical attention, so they'll donate millions of dollars to a Mafia organization, you'll hate this site. Mommy Terrorist was a poverty pimp. Full Stop.
pantheraceFri Jan 16 1970
Extensive and informative site which includes a plethora of various sources. Negative ratings seem to be purely ideologically driven, not based on the quality of the site or the information presented (which I doubt they even read given how anything which goes against their views shouldn't be viewed apparently).

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