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Computer Valley is Canada's premier online computer store. Ultra fast shipping and best deals on computer parts, accessories, notebooks, desktops and more.

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forum spammer
11-Sep-2011: Forum spammer (ref. 157059). 02-Jul-2012: Owner is investigating on-going spam issues. Spam report negated. 21-Jul-2012: Spam is still appearing for this site and it is not the work of rouge affiliates as the owner claims. WOT xref:
**Edit: As of June 2012 it looks like the site is no longer being advertised via spam links on forums. The site itself seems fine. Owner also owns many other domains but at this time seems clean** In May 2012: This site is spamvertized on internet forums with long posts. Spammer posts 6 different versions with various links in one sitting: ***If you are the site owner and paid for a service to advertise your business I highly suggest you ditch them as they are spamming for you***
computervalleyFri Jan 16 1970
Dear Visitors, This is an ecommerce website and own and operated by Canadian Company. To learn more about us or any kind of information, please do visit People who telling we are forum spammer are completely irrelevant of what we do and we would request people to rate honestly. Should you have more question give us a call at 1-800-881-6577 Thank You! Computer Valley Team.
Still spam coming from here.
Seems safe:
SEO spam in the profile of a forum "user" who registered today from Bangladesh. See WOT comment at
Safe and Secure Site. No issues here.

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