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juliemaizelsSat Jan 17 1970
This site says it is a political news site but in fact it is a Hillary Clinton site.  It is misleading.
alabamanomalySat Jan 17 1970 This is an article that claims that Bernie Sanders is not in a photo that he's in, and then they link to the source of their information that CONFIRMS that it's Bernie Sanders in the photo. In other words, they tell a lie, cite a source, and hope that you don't actually check the source, where it shows that they were lying.
CoherentBassSat Jan 17 1970
Making false claims about candidates.  I wouldn't trust anything on this site.
Louis.BaldovinoSat Jan 17 1970
just more of the same  false support for Obama. The economy rights itself the POTUS has nothing to do with it. We've seen that in the bailouts in the beginning of his administration. The banks, auto makers, Solyndra, all failed with Obama help. It's a lie that the economy has improved by reducing the federal deficit 72%. How is that possible when Obama has increased the deficit by double to $16 trillion from $8 trillion when he took over POTUS. Rumors of federal bankruptcy, the ECONOMY IS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE! Indeed, The Secretary of Treasury is no more truthful than the IRS, state department, even the PC Pentagon. Washington needs to just stop talking until a new administration takes over. There is no integrity on Capitol Hill at all.
Seems to be a propaganda website that heavily favors neo-liberal conservatism and looks extra favorably on Hillary Clinton.
It contains no malware, and it's absolutely trustworthy.
Apparently some users of Web of Trust don't understand what WoT is for. It is not a political forum; ratings should be based on whether or not it contains malware or adware, and whether or not it contains text or images inappropriate for people under the age of 18.
Hector DansonSat Jan 17 1970
This website frequently makes unsupported, misleading, and potentially libelous claims about politicians they don't like (about Bernie Sanders in particular). It appears to be a propaganda outlet for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign. The website has been registered privately, giving no names, via Domains By Proxy, meaning no ownership or registration information can be found. Many of the supposed writers for this news site either don't exist or have no journalistic credentials. The alleged owner has appeared recently on Facebook to threaten his numerous critics with legal action. These baseless threats have been made to dozens of individuals with no follow through. I find all of this highly suspicious.
Child safe and no malware. A political site with news and commentary. Gasp..a Democratic site...OH Noooooos... I trust this more than Faux News or WND... Notice it's nothing but Right Wing Conservative deplorables that have issues with the site?
RobertChristianSun Jan 18 1970
From the site's writers profile section: "...very involved in the Democratic and Progressive movements" No big surprise there. Another article was completely false in stating that FBI Directory Comey changed his testimony to say "No classified documents were on Clinton's server." I know that to be false having watched Comey days later say just the opposite on C-SPAN Live. AdBlocker had only 4 items to block. Pleasantly surprised by that. Did not detect any malware or viruses otherwise.

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