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alecreationsThu Jan 15 1970
I've used this website for a year and it has been outstanding. For the comment regarding "fake advertising" the elegant themes site IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for this. People from numerous sites show off "free themes" from them, then you click their link and you realize you have to subscribe; simple, the sites are trying to get you to sign up so they can earn revenue through the affiliate program. Moreover, $19.99 per YEAR is really NOTHING. almost priceless. The themes are amazing!!! & if you need help you'll get assistance in max 5 mins. Literally. No lie. I RECOMMEND THIS SITE TO ANYONE.
It is best resource for newcomers of WP website/blog. Easy to understand.
WePushButtonsFri Jan 16 1970
Great website. Reliable with solid products.
I am a WordPresses myself, so I really appreciate this site!
It is best resource for newcomers of WP website/blog. Easy to understand
BladeRunner81Fri Jan 16 1970
Hmm, they don´t offer free themes, but advertise like they would. The themes are looking cool and should be worth the 39 bucks ... so its overall a good site IMO.
Trusted WordPress themes vendor.
Great. Payment secured.
Adrian HochFri Jan 16 1970
Good site.
Themes are awesome! Very Responsive

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