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A good site for creating forums but not as good as hosting it yourself
The best forum you must have !
Donovansrb10Thu Jan 15 1970
Create your own forum!
If you host a forum, you will not get ads! Perfect forum hosting service, the best site what I've seen :)
Good site! You can create your own forum. For FREE!!
Provence.TThu Jan 15 1970
good website and safe,also useful informatin you can get.
Forum spammer going around dragging up old threads and posting links to this site on other forums, masquerading as a "demo" of phpbb.
personally not a fan of forumotion, support forums aren't great their are other forum providers that will provide better service. they won't give you your database not even for a fee! if you get your database at all you'll have to do it without them knowing because they'll send you to court with a fine and possibly a jail sentence.
overall terrible experience with forumotion.. i don't recommend it at all. there are other services that are a million times better than this.
AntiMalwareFlamesSat Jan 17 1970
Thier "forums" are not true PhpBB 3. They also claim to be the only free hosting service. That's not true. I used to use their hosting until I discovered Grendel Hosting, which offers legit PhpBB 3 not the Forumotion style. Better yet, to con you into thinking that they use the real PhpBB 3 they put these weird monsters in the Administration panel. Also, they have these unhelpful help forums. Lastly, yes there is adult content in some forums.

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