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OMGItsVincentThu Jan 15 1970
seems to be another scam... due to the massive number of facebook groups and the pyramidness of it... and none of the millions on the interweb are or were real anyway :/
The Finder21Thu Jan 15 1970
This site spammed me!! After I accidentally signed up, they repeatedly sent me the same email. And worse, they got access to my email info so that whenever I deleted one of their emails, a new one would appear. Never think about using this site.
virtualpilot45Thu Jan 15 1970
not a scam, just very hard to get the items advertised!
SCAM: Gift Programs: promotions | offers | surveys | rewards | coupons Either promotes, displays, offers, tracks enter no information, attempt no transaction transactions of personally identifiable information is NOT secure Your PII is transferred to several other sites expect spam: email / telemarketing / snail mail re: DNS:
Scam site! see-
Spamvertised site
KaffeetanteFri Jan 16 1970
Spam / Scam / Datensammler Anmeldung / Nutzung der Angebote kann zu Daten-/Identitätsdiebstahl. und Kreditkartenmißbrauch führen. Siehe auch:
Scam. Also a spammer.
This domain appears in spam.
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