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This is a Russian scam site that uses hacked sites and spam to direct traffic to their scam site. pharmacy fraud РОССИЯ | ENGLISH R01 широко злоупотребляли Российской EvaPharmacy мошеннической операции. R01 игнорирует все просьбы приостановить незаконные доменов. Домены только приостанавливается на срок годности. Другие регистраторы были быстры, чтобы расторгнуть договоры на обслуживание с эти кибер-преступники, видя очевидные факты фальсификаций. Не дать этим кибер-преступников вашу личность или кредитную карту. ENGLISH R01 is widely abused by the Russian EvaPharmacy scam. R01 ignores all requests to suspend illegal domains. Domains are only suspended at expiry date. Other registrars were quick to terminate contracts for service with these cyber criminals, seeing the obvious evidence of fraud. Russian registrar supports Russian cyber-criminals. Do not give these cyber-criminals your identity or credit card. Read about this fraud at the links
This is just one of thousands of throw away domains used by fake pharmacies Only a fool trusts their health or their money to a spammer NEVER trust a spammer NEVER buy from spammers (High fraud risks) NEVER visit spammed web sites (High malware risks) see also
rogue pharmacy scam that is spamvertised. domain name registered on 2016.01.19

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