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jabedmorshedThu Jan 15 1970
HP is a difficult company to get support for. True their website has all the drivers, but it would be better if support was one click a way, rather than search through extensive list of the products and model numbers
hassansyedThu Jan 15 1970
great information about proucts and fairly priced
The official site of Hewlett-Packard (HP). This site provides helpful information about their products and technologies.
I have had three WinXP HP computers and 2 worked great. The other one was the oldest and did not work to bad so I'll give HP the benefit of the doubt.
I have bought 4 laptop in the last 6 years and had a problem with one and Hp replace the laptop with a new laptop and they sent me a laptop worth $400.00 more than the one I sent back.
sineintegralThu Jan 15 1970
Excellent website for computers; i ordered my computer from hp and its very nice!
A well designed site
I have got a Hewlett Packard laptop and it's been working great since august, the month i got it. I recommend this vendor to anyone that wants a reliable laptop for a great price!
safe website
spunkycor5972Thu Jan 15 1970
I bought 2 products from, one went through and because of my credit card balance, the second product was rejected. I was paying $3.04 for the second product, now a month later they jacked the price to $17.00, and shipping and handling is $18.00. This is BS!!!!!

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