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Free iPod music Downloads! Listen to your iMesh songs on your iPod Classic, Nano and Shuffle! Get playlists and albums of all the new artists.

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Good music. Used to spread Adware ages ago; clean now.
Could not get program to uninstall.
Blacklisted on They are affiliated with many other scumbags.
Legal music download site, stopped installing bundled programs when it went legal - is clean now. RIAA approved - see
spreads malware and viruses
Leinad12551Thu Jan 15 1970
Great site to download music &/or videos. I have had NO problems with this web site.
Pavlos2094Thu Jan 15 1970
Can not uninstall the software.
Malware,. and it claims to be something it's not.
Suncatcher2Thu Jan 15 1970
I already uninstalled this program thinking I indeed had to pay for everything and had no problem doing so. I then reinstalled it and rescanned my laptop twice before use. No problems. Do however watch for malware additions and delete those.
great site. tons of fun stuff to download

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36 / 100

Child Safety

38 / 100