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This is NOT a Better Business Bureau rated company and has had several complaints and customer problems. Check out their history at and see for yourself.
Leon StarkThu Jan 15 1970
They offer a FREE reverse phone directory look-up, then catch you with their request for your credit card information. A crock of manure for information that I did not fall for, and neither should you.
Listed on's top 500 websites list (by traffic).
aniruddh.dodiyaThu Jan 15 1970
Well when 1st time i see this website when I was trying to find a persons details on yahoo people and after that it redirects me to this website at that time I thought that this is a good service which i never use. I try to find out about this website in and I also see blog post about this website. This website is running a scam and thats all about it. so beware and don't try to give any kind of personal information to this website because they gonna sell it to other company like credit card details, email and they also charge your credit pls beware visit the shortlink
heartthefarmThu Jan 15 1970
This should sum it up: Intelius (and their hundreds of cloned "powered by Intelius" sites) tricks people into expensive recurring billing schemes to charge them hundreds of dollars year after year. You think you are looking up a phone number for a few bucks and next thing you know you're out hundreds of dollars.
westilldanceThu Jan 15 1970
This site automatically sets you up for monthly 19.95 billing without notice after accepting a discount on a one-time phone number lookup (which never happens, by the way). Steer clear of this site.
aplusinc1@gmail.comThu Jan 15 1970
They confirmed they had a phone # and so I paid but no phone # on report. But it did have address and other info we already knew... :( So I called and waited on hold for 10 min and so I gave up...
F rating from Better Business Bureau. See more info at
I selected a $3.95 option and it ended up at $8,95. The phone numbers didn't work. They won't use paypal. I think they just want my money and credit card information. USE ANOTHER SERVICE!!!
ginglebellsFri Jan 16 1970
Looks like Intelius is conducting a misleading operation. The LS is a data broker that builds and sells profiles of people by aggregating online and offline public data available for free, without asking people's permission. The sample reports showed as example are misleading because often Intelius often doesn't offer correct, updated and trustworthy information like it makes to believe. They are basically selling public data without verifying them. The billing info are non existent and buried in fine print and the user unlikely will understand how much and for what his credit card will be charged from the beginning. Useful links on the matter:

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